Covid-19 Preparedness

Since our re-opening date, our staff has been diligently navigating business protocol plans to ensure our staff and clients are in good hands. While there have been some obstacles, we’ve been prepared to enhance protocols in order to manage the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

With the available information from the Centers of Disease Control, and other authoritative federal and local government sources, we’ve been able to set appropriate procedures that not only keep everyone safe, but also don’t jeopardize the quality of services. We will remain meticulous when setting these procedures based on the circumstances of the pandemic.

The following is a list of changes we have implemented since re-opening:

  • Salons maintain a minimal occupancy. Stylists and spa technicians have reduced bookings to allow for cleaning between appointments and fewer people in each location at once.
  • Our thorough cleaning regimen includes hospital grade sanitization. This includes, but is not limited to, hourly cleaning of all hard surfaces, thorough sanitization of workstations and spa rooms between every client, disposable smocks for client use, and accessible hand sanitizer stations throughout each salon.
  • Common areas and workstations have been modified to meet healthy and safety standards.
  • Assessments of staff member health are performed prior to the start of each shift. The assessments include an exposure risk questionnaire and a temperature check.
  • Face masks are required for all staff and clients.
  • We’ve limited congestion by developing a text system that allows staff to communicate with clients before the start of their appointment. This has allowed us to maintain the occupancy of the locations, while also avoiding proximity waiting times in our lobbies.

Implementing these protocols has been vital to providing a sense of relief for those performing or receiving services. We’ve been receiving exceptional feedback regarding the changes listed above.

Here’s a few testimonials from staff and clients that we think summarize the impact of our safety measures:

“Mindy at the Worthington location does the best brow wax I've ever gotten! She is always friendly and professional. The reopening of the salon felt safe, clean, and well-coordinated. They went above and beyond with their text message prompt system and the tasteful COVID-19 safety infographic. My favorite salon in Columbus.”
Emily S.

“I have been going to Kenneth's for well over a decade and they have responded to the COVID pandemic beautifully. Their safety protocols are top notch and their staff is as friendly as usual.”
Rene R.

“During this difficult time everything was sanitized, masks were worn. Scheduling was such so clients didn't have to deal with anyone but their stylist and a masked cashier behind plastic upon leaving.”
Judy A.

“Dana was knowledgeable and delightful, plus the precautions towards COVID were the best I have seen in any place that I have been! Thank you!”
Melissa E.

“Being someone with a suppressed immune system, this can be a scary time. With that being said, I feel safer here working at Kenneth’s than I do anywhere else. I still won’t go to the grocery store, but I come to work every day feeling safe and secure. The safety precautions that have been put in place since re-opening in May have been consistently executed by all staff members from masks, to social distancing, to constant sanitation. The salon really feels like an escape from all the craziness going on in the world where staff and clients can feel safe while also feeling more beautiful and confident!”
Quincy at The Academy

“I must admit that I was apprehensive when Gov. DeWine said that we were going to reopen salons in Ohio. When Kenneth's called us back in small groups to clean and streamline our stations, I was shocked at how much thought was put into the prevention of COVID-19. Kenneth's superseded what is required by the State of Ohio.

Kenneth's is committed to protecting both its staff and guests. I feel safe being in close proximity to my clients because Kenneth's goes above and beyond to maintain this safety. Thank you, Kenneth's, for once again helping us inspire beauty and confidence, Safely!”
David at Avery

“From Powell to Grove City, and Mill Run to Upper Arlington, from all 11 locations. Kenneth's has always inspired beauty and confidence. Kenneth's has always taken salon cleanliness very seriously and with their safety protocols, I'm able to provide my clients with the first-class service they desire. My clients can feel safe when they come in to see me.”
Olivia at Kingsdale

“Our clients are like our family and we have always treated them as so. During this pandemic we have taken every possible safety precaution to prove that they do in fact, mean as much to us as our own families do.”
Andrea at Polaris