Erin and her mom had tried everything from over the counter products, to home care and even dermatologist prescribed medication. Nothing seemed to help clear up her skin. While on spring break a friend recommended Erin see Amy (one of our fabulous estheticians at our Polaris spa), they scheduled a consultation as soon as they got home. During the consultation, Amy asked her what she was using at home, what products she’d tried and details about her lifestyle. From there Amy developed a plan consisting of diligent home care and a series of facials that would address her acne and treat her congested skin. Erin would come into the spa for acne facials with Amy once a month. At home she would follow through with…Wasabi Cleanser morning and night to gently remove acne-causing bacteria, followed with the refining toner to reduce redness and inflammation. In the morning she would use the Wasabi Resurfacing Gel that has time-release capsulated salicylic acid to treat acne throughout the day, followed with Hydropepetide SPF to protect her skin and preventing acne. At night she used Retinol to generate cell turnover, and Copper Cream to moisturize, heal and deliver oxygen to the skin.


As you can see in the photos, her skin just kept getting better after each facial. After the fourth facial everyone was ecstatic with the results! Her skin is softer, smoother and her breakouts have been controlled! She now comes in for facials every six weeks and continues her at home regimen. For Erin this means a great maintenance plan to keep her skin in optimal health. Erin gained a new confidence about herself, a glow to her skin as well as an esthetician for life!



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