Take Time for Yourself

How much time do you spend taking care of yourself? If you're like most women, the answer is probably, "None." That's why we created Club Kenneth, our world-class spa membership. It's for women like you -- women who spend their days taking care of everyone else instead of themselves.

Women are into all kinds of activities these days. Working at a full-time career. Taking care of the kids. Working out at the gym. Keeping up with the husband's or significant other's activities. School plays, concerts, and classroom birthday parties. You do it all. But at what cost to your mental and physical health?

We started the Club Kenneth spa membership because we saw a need. We noticed as we talked with our clients that busy women often feel they have to have a reason to slow down. Otherwise, it just doesn't happen. Club Kenneth gives you that reason. We know that slowing down once in a while is often what's necessary to keep you running at full speed.

What's In It for You?

For a minimal monthly fee of $65*, Club Kenneth members can choose from one of these relaxing spa treatments every single month:

  • Massage (an $80 value)
  • Facial (an $85 value)
  • Manicure and Express Pedicure (a $82 value)

Yes, you heard that right. Every. Single. Month. Can you imagine?

If you're the kind of woman who never stops moving, call or visit online today and join Club Kenneth. We'll give you permission to take some time off for yourself!

*Signature Facial is an additional $5
Club Membership to world class spa

Take a Closer Look

Here's an overview of the services you can choose from every month with your Club Kenneth spa membership.

Relaxation Massage. Those with high-stress lives will love our Relaxation Massage. It's a great introduction to massage for those who've never enjoyed one before. It includes a combination of long, smooth strokes, the gentle kneading of muscle tissue, and the application of surface friction to the body to get muscles to relax and unwind. Massage increases the circulation of blood throughout the body which helps release stress and tension in addition to toxins that have built up in the body. The effects of a good massage are immediate. You'll notice an all-over feeling of relaxation you haven't felt in years.

Signature Facial.It's important to always look your best. Our 60-minute Signature Facial includes everything you need for optimal skin health. You'll receive a professional cleansing, steam treatment, gentle exfoliation, and extraction of impurities. A mask is applied based on your skin type and specific needs. You'll also get an added bonus. Your esthetician will gently massage your face, neck, and shoulders to help you relax. Then while your mask is drying, she'll give you an arm and hand massage. The whole thing is finished up with a moisturizing treatment and a high-quality sunscreen.

Manicure and Express Pedicure.Your hands and feet do a lot for you. Regular care with a mani-pedi is an excellent way to care for the skin on these much-used appendages. It keeps them looking beautiful, too! Your Specially Spa manicure starts with nail shaping and smoothing. It's followed by an exfoliating massage and the application of a moisturizer from hand to elbow. Moisture wraps and cuticle treatments follow, concluding with polish in your color choice. Your Express Pedicure is a quick half-hour of pampering for your feet, designed to keep them happy and beautiful.