Hair Services

We take your haircare as seriously as you do. Creative, fresh, and consistent - our results reflect a dedication to education and excellence. The training our team receives is aggressive, consistent, innovative, and in-depth. It starts from the moment they are hired and continues through their entire career with us. No matter who you see, no matter which location, you can be assured that the results will be beautiful.

Services vary by location. Our full offering of hair services are available at all of our locations.

Hair Cuts, Styling, Coloring And Treatments


Women's Haircut: $48 - $89

Women's Haircut and Style. Women of all ages know that having a great haircut and style can be a huge confidence booster. That's why our services start with a consultation by one of our experienced stylists. Your stylist will take into account the shape of your face, your lifestyle, the condition and texture of your hair, and your commitment to maintaining your style day after day. A relaxing shampoo follows the consultation. Your hair is then cut and shaped into a style that is designed just for you.

Men's Haircut: $39 - $67

Men's Haircut and Style. Men want to look great, too. Our men's cut and style includes a consultation with one of our professional stylists followed by a shampoo, cut, and style. Sideburn grooming is also included. We can use a combination of scissors and clippers to make sure you get the best look possible.

Children's Haircut: $39 - $64

Children's Haircut and Style. The youngsters (12 and under) are always welcome at any of our Kenneth's Salon locations. Children's services include a consultation, shampoo, haircut and style.

Blowout: $40 - $73

Blowout. No, it's not a flat tire. Our blowout styling is great for those in-between times when you want to look your best, but it's not quite time for an all-over cut and style. Our professional blowout includes a shampoo and style curling iron, flat iron or velcros.

Special Occasion/Up Style: $70 - $100

Special Occasion Style. Getting ready for a special event or formal occasion can be stressful. At Kenneth's Hair Salons and Day Spas, we're all about relieving stress. We'll take care of your hair with our Special Occasion Style. We'll get your hair ready for the event, setting, pinning, and placing each strand right where it needs to be. You worry about the dress. We've got your hair covered.


Color: from $71

A retouch maintains the regrowth from a prior color service focusing on the scalp area. This is usually done approximately 4 weeks after an initial scalp color is applied. (Haircut or styling is not included)

Gloss w/o Blonding: from $71

A Color Gloss amplifies shine and is often applied to balance and enhance your color.


Foiling: from $116

Foiling. Add dimension and interest to your natural color with Foiling. Foiling applies color to sections of your hair while leaving other sections untouched. This creates a blended effect which can be as subtle or as dramatic as you choose. Foiling does not include haircut or style. (Haircut or styling is not included)

Partline Foiling: from $76

Balayage & Gloss: from $191

Balayage and Gloss Balayage, a French word for sweeping, is a coloring technique that produces soft, natural-looking highlights that are swept on by hand. Your stylist will hand paint your highlights, creating a graduated look that's lighter on the ends, similiar to the sun-kissed look of hair that's spent time at the beach. Balayage is not just for blondes; it can be used on all hair colors to produce varied effects. Toning is included and necessary to perfect the color. (Haircut or styling is not included)


European Therapeutic Elixir: $24

This European Elixir has the best of both worlds. It strengthens and gives tremendous gloss. It does not require heat and only takes 10 minutes. Also available to take home to keep your hair beautiful in between visits.

Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment: $27

The perfect service for swimmers! Pool chemicals and minerals can create dry and brittle hair. These chemicals can also create damage and discoloration. The Mailbu service safely and effectively removes that build up and discoloration.

Total Hair Treatment: $27

This customizable treatment restores protein and/or moisture. It reduces breakage, protects color from fading, provides heat protection, smooths, tames frizz, strengthens and adds shine.

Split End Mender: $37

Split End Mender is a dual action treatment that repairs and prevents damage by filling damaged, split and broken hair with a heat activated protective coating. It instantly repairs, fortifies and protects against breakage. It is formulated to improve the integrity of the hair so the condition of the ends will continue to improve with each treatment.

Wellaplex: $39

WELLAPLEX is a bond repair system. It focuses on reconstructing and strengthening hair throughout the coloring process as well as rebalancing the pH factor of your hair and sealing color for longer lasting results.

Vitalshot: $40

Vitalshot is a bond rebuilder that repairs and rebuilds the hair’s inner bonds in just one step. Vitalshot strengthens hair from the inside out to help reverse long-term damage. Hair is left silky soft with a shiny finish.


Permanent Wave: from $116

Adding curl or body to hair to give volume, shape and ease in styling. Discuss with your stylist the desired type of curl that best suits your needs. Haircut and styling not included. Long hair and specialty wraps may cost more.

Partial Perm: from $76

Permanent waving only a portion of the head to either boost an existing perm or for shorter hair. Fifteen rods is standard, but consult your stylist to be sure of what is right for you. (Haircut or styling is not included)

Express Keratin Treatment: from $115

This revolutionary treatment forms a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to make it smoother, stronger, shinier and frizz-free. It also makes styling easier and reduces drying time dramatically. Can last up to 6 weeks. Haircut is not included

Keratin Smoothing Treatment: from $305

This revolutionary treatment forms a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to make it smoother, stronger, shinier and frizz-free. It also makes styling easier and reduces drying time dramatically. Can last up to 12 weeks. Haircut is not included.