Nail Services - Manicures

Colorful polish or the elegant look of acrylics - our manicure services are a perfect way to practice self-care and make your nails look there best. Our experts are here and ready to treat you.

Services vary by location. Our full offering of manicures are available at the following locations: Mill Run, New Albany, Kingsdale, Taylor Square, Polaris Parkway.

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Polish Change for Hands: $24 - $34

This service is provided most often in between regular nail appointments, when you may not be quite ready for a full manicure. This service is for removal and reapplicaton of regular nail polish only. If you have nail enhancements or gel polish, you will need to schedule for those specific maintenance services.

Specially Spa Manicure: $40 - $55

An ideal maintenance treatment for hands in healthy condition. It begins with a nail shaping and smoothing, followed by an exfoliating massage and moisturizing from hands to elbows. Then each hand is alternately placed in a moisture-retaining wrap while the other is given a cuticle treatment. Your manicure concludes with perfect polish application in the color of your choice.

French Manicure: $45 - $62

This treatment includes the same beauty benefits as our Specially Spa Manicure, but with a unique difference in polish application: nails are finished in a neutral color and white polish is applied to nail tips for a classically elegant look.

Exfoliating Plus Manicure: $45 - $62

Features a stimulating massage with exfoliating salt crystals to remove rough, flaky skin from fingertips to elbows. Newly revealed skin is then deeply moisturized with vitamin and essential oil-infused lotions. While the lotions work to rehydrate and revitalize, nails are meticulously shaped and polished.

Ultimate Hydrating Manicure: $62 - $77

Our cure for extreme dryness. This treatment centers on a massage with hydrating essential oils that penetrate deeply into your skin's surface for the most beneficial effect. The manicure includes warm paraffin to deepen and enhance hydrating benefits. Your fingertips are also treated to nail shaping, exfoliation, cuticle softening and polishing.

Extended Wear Manicure: $55 - $70

Dries instantly and keeps its perfect, high gloss finish for up to two weeks or more without chipping.

Powder Dip Perfection: $61 - $76

An alternative to acrylic services that provides a protective overlay on the natural nail. Adds strength and durability with long lasting color and gel-like shine.


Acrylic Full Set: $86 - $106

Acrylic nails are an artificial nail enhancement designed to add length to your own nails. They are very durable, much stronger than natural nails. Polish adheres very well to acrylic to help avoid chipping in between visits.

Acrylic Balance: $49 - $64

After a full set of acrylic nails are applied it is necessary to receive balances every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain them as your natural nails grow.

Structured Gel Overlay: $61 - $71

In this service, builder gel product is applied as an overlay to your natural nails to provide strength and durability, but no additional length is added. Included gel polish for long lasting color and shine.

Structured Gel Balance: $64 - $74

After a Structured Gel overlay, the regrowth area will need to be balanced every 2 to 3 weeks. Included gel polish for long lasting color and shine.

Soft Gel Tips Full Set: $71 - $86

Pre-shaped, full coverage soft gel tips are applied to add length over the natural nail. Includes gel polish for long lasting color and shine.

Soft Gel Removal + Full Set: $91 - $106

The removal and reapplication of pre-shaped, full coverage soft gel tips are applied to add length over the natural nail. Includes gel polish for long lasting color and shine.


Paraffin for Hands: $22

This soothing paraffin treatment may be added to enhance any nail service. It has a very unique application process that assures the proper temperature and sanitation. It is a very hydrating, aromatic treatment that seals in the moisture applied during your manicure and also stimulates new cell growth.

Nail Art: from $4