4 Day Spa Treatments for Effortless Summer Beauty

By Leslie Sheets


Hair Removal and Spa Treatments in Columbus Help You End Summer Looking Your Best

There's still time to enjoy outdoor summer activities at the poolside before the water slides are dried up and the chaise lounges are stored for the season.

And that means you can make sure that you look your absolute best for these final days by visiting Kenneth's Hair Salons and Day Spas for pampering and beautifying treatments that make sense for all seasons, but especially summer.

Make an appointment with one of our expert estheticians for one of our four favorite summer-season services and see how they can change your whole look as you lounge on your towel with your favorite book or music!

Hair Removal Waxing Services at our Hair Salon in Columbus, Ohio

Most everyone has at least one area of unwanted hair, and no one is born with perfectly-shaped eyebrows, no matter what they tell you!

Hair removal using warm wax is designed to eliminate unwanted and unsightly hair so that you don't have to worry about stubble, shadows, or fuzz while you rock your bikini or board shorts.

Our waxing services also make getting ready for your pool or lake day an absolute breeze, because you'll spend less time shaving or using home depilatory creams that just don't do a good job.

For best results, visit us every two to four weeks, depending on hair location and growth, so we can help you stay smooth all summer long.

Take Your Eyelashes to New Lengths with a Lash Lift and Tint

If you've ever wielded an eyelash curler, then you know the struggle of getting your curl to hold for any length of time without the use of products.

And if you've used products and then, say, jumped into the pool, then you've also been the victim of running mascara and eyelashes that immediately return to their normal, untouched look.

If you're looking for a longer-term solution to keeping your lasheslooking stunning and working with what you have, make an appointment for a lash lift at our day spa.

Rather than gluing in lash extensions to give the illusion of length and fullness, a lash lift curls your eyelashes upward. The result gives the appearance of a brighter, more open eye, and amazing lashes that will last you at least six weeks!

The lash lift process doesn't damage your natural eyelashes, and it takes far less time than applying extensions.

Lash Tint Completes the Look

With your lash lift complete, you might also want to consider a lash tint. This solves the running-mascara-post-pool-water dilemma so many women face.

If you have lighter-colored lashes or very fine lashes, a tint, which is essentially a special eyelash dye, can make them appear fuller and darker, without having to apply makeup.

Both lash treatments are effortless for day-to-day wear because you don't need to spend extra time applying eye makeup. And they won't be ruined the moment you get splashed with pool water, either.

Get Smooth, More Flawless Skin with Dermaplaning

The fluorescent lighting in our homes and most stores isn't flattering, but at least it doesn't highlight every stray piece of peach fuzz or dry skin on your faces!

The light from the sun may light up your face, but it also highlights these minor imperfections. To see what we mean, head out to your patio on a sunny day, taking along a hand mirror. Gaze at your bare face with the sun hitting your skin. See that peach fuzz? The rough skin from dryness and blemishes? Dermaplaning eliminates these issues, immediately giving you smooth, clean, and exfoliated skin.

The dermaplaning facial at Kenneth's Hair Salons and Day Spas is ideal for nearly any skin type and condition. One of our expert estheticians will manually exfoliate your epidermis, the top layer of your skin, using a special, gentle tool.

The process removes the vellus - your peach fuzz - from your skin, revealing an instantly younger and healthier-looking face! The facial also includes steaming, extractions, mask, and a hand massage, for ultimate pampering.

Next time you head out into the sun, its rays won't light up any imperfections, and your skin will be smooth.

Hit the Pool in Style After a Day Spa Treatment in Columbus, Ohio

You'll look like a million bucks and leave a great impression after getting beautifying spa treatments at Kenneth's, and then hitting the neighborhood pool or the lake as you close out summer.

With mere weeks left in the season, now's the time to call to make an appointment with one of our estheticians to give some oomph to your eyelashes and render your skin smooth.

Call one of our ten world-class locations in the Columbus area to schedule your spa treatments today.

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