Hair Extensions are so in for Summer

By Leslie Sheets


Long hair is never out of style. Let your long luscious locks flow.

Even though long hair is never out of style, it’s not always this season’s trend! This summer it’s all about the free flowing 70’s hair. We’ve got volume, we’ve got length, and we’ve got versatility. Long hair is the most functional style of hair you can have. You have the ability to have multiple hair styles - wear it up and down, curly and straight, natural or styled; the options are endless.

Not everyone is blessed with the gift of length or volume though. To fit into this season’s beauty trend or just achieve the beautiful flowing locks, you may need a little help from the hair gods, in the form of hair extensions. Looking for one of the best salons in Columbus to make your hair dreams come true? Book an appointment at Kenneth’s Salons & Day Spas.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are clipped, taped or sewn on natural hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair. This process adds length and fullness to the recipient’s hair in a natural way.

What are some benefits of hair extensions?

Besides the obvious added volume and length, hair extensions can hide split ends making your hair look more vibrant, they can add color and they allow you the versatility of playing with your hairstyle.

What are the different types of hair extensions?

There are a few different ways to get hair extensions. Find out more below.

Beaded Weft - The beaded weft is a type of track style of extension, with the use of hand-tied wefts to create the most natural look of any hair extensions style. No tape, glue or heat is needed for this look. This method is great for those who want longer hair from a shorter original length. At Kenneth's Salons & Day Spas, stylists go through rigorous certification standards and are provided the highest quality hair extensions that look natural, will last and won’t damage your hair. Because Kenneth’s team is educated on the latest trends and styling techniques, your hair will look fresh, stylish and manageable from the time you leave the salon until your next visit.

Tape-In Extensions - Tape-in extensions use a process that sandwiches wefts of hair to your own with double-sided tape, which is virtually undetectable when the process is finished. This process results in long, luxurious hair that looks natural and turns heads. These extensions can last up to six weeks before they need to be removed and reapplied because of new hair growth. This method of extensions can be removed and reused - saving time and money!

Bonded Extensions - Bonded extensions bond individual strands to your natural hair using a hot or cold fusion process. Bonded extensions are the most permanent option, lasting for several months before having to be reapplied. That means less time spent in the salon!

Revive Extensions - Revive is a revolutionary hair replacement system that brings new hope and confidence to women living with hair loss. This system is perfect for women who cannot wear traditional hair extensions, and allows you to have the gorgeous head of hair you once enjoyed. For women who struggle with thinning and balding, Revive is also the solution.

How much do hair extensions cost?

Overall, it depends on the kind of hair extension you are getting, as well as quality, length and quantity. You can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $2,500 based on the previously mentioned factors as well as the demand or expertise of the stylist.

While the cost may be a bit pricey, you have to remember a few things:

- You will get the best result getting hair extensions from a professional salon with experienced stylists

- While adding your own extensions at home sounds financially more affordable you have to remember there is the cost of messing up your own extensions if done wrong, as well as purchasing additional equipment versus what would be included in your salon visit.

- Everyone needs some pampering! Make a day of it - go to the salon, get some new long, voluminous hair and enjoy a few additional treatments!

Looking to get excellent hair extensions in Columbus? Kenneth’s Salons and Day Spas has you covered. If you’re new to hair extensions and unsure what you want, you can be matched to an expert stylist at Kenneth’s who can help you navigate your options. Find a stylist we think you’ll get along swimmingly with when you take our quick quiz through My Hair Harmony. When you complete the quiz, be sure to select that you’re interested in hair extensions.