Quick Summer Care Tips for Your Hair Extensions

By Tony Anders


Quick Summer Care Tips for Extensions

Are you in search of the best summer hair care for your beautiful hair extensions? Then, listen closely. Understanding the importance of summer hair care for your precious hair extensions is vital. And don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll guide you on how to keep your extensions in perfect condition, how to protect them from the harsh summer sun and which products could help you achieve that. Ready? Let's dive in.

Why summer hair care is important for hair extensions

Never underestimate the power of the summer sun. Its harsh rays can damage your hair extensions beyond repair. They can fade their color, dry them out, cause them to lose their luster and shine. It's important to protect your extensions (just like your biological hair) so they can last longer and look better. But how, you may ask? With the right techniques, we can preserve their beauty. Techniques that focus on proper cleaning, minimal heat exposure, and use of quality products. With these, you are on your way to maintaining beautiful hair extensions all summer long.

Why Summer Hair Care is Important

Braid or Bun to protect your hair extensions

  • Twist and Turn
    Start by loosely braiding your hair extensions. This might seem like a cliché, but it's a tried-and-true method. Braiding reduces tangling and protects your extensions from the harsh summer sun.
  • Bun It Up
    Tying your extensions into a bun can be another effective way of protecting them. It reduces exposure to the sun and keeps them neat and clean.
  • Secure and Safe
    Remember to secure your bun or braid with a soft hair tie to prevent breakage. Avoid rubber bands as they can pull and damage your extensions.
  • Let It Loose
    Every now and then, let your extensions loose. This helps avoid any consistent stress or tension on your extensions from the braids or buns.
  • Night Care
    At night, repeat the process. Protecting your extensions doesn’t stop once the sun goes down. Nighttime care is just as important.

Brushing techniques for hair extensions

Start at the Bottom
When brushing your hair extensions, always start from the bottom. This reduces the chance of breaking or damaging your extensions.

Gentle and Slow
Be gentle. Brush slowly. Take your time. Speed and force should never be used when brushing your extensions.

Consistent Brushing
Brush your extensions consistently, just as you would your natural hair. Regular brushing keeps tangles at bay and maintains your extensions' shine and extends their life.

The Right Brush
After all, it's not just about how you brush, but what you brush with. Using a wide-tooth comb or a brush specially designed for extensions is advisable.

Protecting hair extensions from chlorine exposure

Chlorine. The arch-nemesis of hair extensions. It dries them out. It tangles them. It can discolor them. But there's a solution. Before you take a dip in the pool, wet your extensions with clean water. Why? This reduces the amount of chlorine your hair can absorb. After swimming, rinse your extensions thoroughly. This removes any remaining chlorine. Don't forget to condition and detangle your extensions after a swim. This helps restore the moisture balance.

Minimizing heat damage on hair extensions

  • Reduce the Heat
    Reduce heat exposure to your hair extensions. Frequent heat styling damages and dries out your extensions. Also, watch the extreme temperatures on your hot tools!
  • Invest in Heat Protectants
    Invest in a good heat protectant spray. It forms a protective layer over your extensions, reducing damage from heat styling tools.
  • Styling Alternatives
    Explore heatless styling alternatives. Braiding or twisting your damp extensions can create beautiful waves without exposing them to heat.

Proper cleaning and maintenance for hair extensions

Cleaning your hair extensions is crucial. But don't overdo it. Washing your extensions too often can strip them of their natural shine and abrade the cuticle layer, leaving them dry and lackluster. Use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. Ensure to apply conditioner from mid-shaft to the ends. Leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing out. Air drying your extensions is recommended. Avoid rubbing your extensions with a towel as this can cause frizz and tangles. Instead, pat them dry gently.

Avoiding sunscreen oils on hair extensions

Avoid Using Sunscreen Oils on Hair Extensions

Beware of sunscreen oils. They can damage your extensions. While they protect your skin, they can leave your extensions greasy, heavy, and lifeless and can affect your tape-in bonds. Be extra vigilant when applying sunscreen. Ensure it does not come in contact with your extensions’ bonding sites. Opt for a sun hat or scarf to protect your extensions from the sun, instead.

Using high-quality products for hair extensions

Product Use Benefit
Kenneth's Elixir 11 Detangling and Sun protection Reduces frizz, adds shine, protects from sun
Kenneth's Conditioner Moisturizing Restores moisture balance, adds shine
Heat Protectant Spray Heat styling Protects extensions from heat damage

Using High Quality Products

Quality matters. We recommend Kenneth's Elixir 11. It's not only an excellent detangling spray, but it also offers SPF protection, which is perfect for summer. Your Kenneth's stylist can recommend the best at-home conditioner and in-salon treatments for your extensions. The right products can make a significant difference in the life and beauty of your extensions.

When it comes to extensions, choosing the right ones is crucial. Kenneth’s uses Easy Hair Pro extension systems which offers a variety of top-quality solutions that are easy to use and maintain. Remember, caring for hair extensions is an investment. An investment in their longevity, their beauty, and most importantly, an investment in you. Summer hair care for your extensions does not have to be a daunting task. It's achievable. It only requires patience, consistency, and the right products. Follow these tips, and your hair extensions will thank you by looking their best all summer long. Happy summer!

Watch this video to learn more about what to avoid to keep your hair extensions looking great!