Benefits and Effects of Keratin Hair Treatments

Benefits and Effects of Keratin Hair Treatments

If you’re a woman who has challenges with frizzy hair, you know how frustrating it can be to get hair to lie flat and smooth. Hours with a flat iron don’t seem to make a difference and can, in fact, damage hair if overused. Conditioners and treatments sometimes help, but chances are good that as soon as you step outside into the humidity, the frizz shows up again. And over-the-counter frizzy hair treatments often don’t work as advertised. So how do you achieve that beautiful head of “model smooth” hair that you’ve always dreamed of?

Keratin hair smoothing treatment from Kenneth’s Hair Salons & Day Spas is the answer

Kenneth’s Hair Salons & Day Spas are located in cities throughout Central Ohio. In fact, there’s probably one near you. We offer a variety of salon and spa services, including hair-smoothing keratin treatments. Our happy clients come back again and again - a good testimony to our outstanding stylists and exceptional customer service.

Keratin versus Chemical Treatments

If you’re not familiar with keratin treatments, here’s the low-down. A keratin treatment is a chemical process that smooths down individual strands of hair, creating sleek, shiny locks that cause even the best of besties to turn green with envy. Keratin smoothing treatments plump up hair by injecting the porous parts of each strand with keratin, a necessary protein that nourishes the hair shaft and keeps it healthy.

Keratin treatments are not the same as chemical relaxers, although the process may seem similar. Chemical relaxers work by breaking down the hair, leaving it weaker and thus, straighter. Keratin treatments do just the opposite. They pump hair up. While chemical relaxers are permanent, keratin treatments are temporary, although they can last for up to 12 weeks. Once you invest in a keratin treatment, you’ll need to come back in every so often to touch it up. But the admiring looks you get are worth it!

Keratin versus Chemical Treatments

The Benefits of Keratin

Frizzy hair is caused by the hair cuticle getting stuck in an open or raised position. This lets moisture pass through, swelling hair strands and creating that fuzzy look. If you’ve been searching for frizzy hair treatments that work, consider a keratin treatment. Take a look at some of these benefits you’ll experience with your own hair. And believe us, it will still be your own hair - even though it behaves like someone else’s. You may wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

  • Keratin improves the texture of your hair. The texture of your hair is determined by the thickness of the hair fiber and by the condition of the hair cuticle, both of which can be damaged by hot styling utensils, hard brushing, and external elements like the sun or chlorine. Keratin hair treatments repair damage and improve the thickness and condition of your hair by replenishing the much-needed protein, keratin, and by sealing the cuticle to keep the protein in. This causes the hair to relax and lie down flat. Voila! Beautifully smooth hair!
  • Keratin nourishes your hair. Not only does a keratin treatment add this essential protein to your hair, it also adds other ingredients that are vital to your hair’s well-being. Microproteins, anti-aging peptides, argan oil, collagen, and hydrating fatty acids are all added during the keratin treatment process. This feeds your hair and keeps it happy.
  • Keratin evens out the porosity of your hair. If your hair often feels brittle, dry, or rough on the outside and frizzes up quickly in humid environments, your hair may be too porous for its own good. Hair that’s too porous takes on more water than it knows what to do with. This causes hair shafts to swell, frizz, and tangle, creating that mess that you have to deal with every morning. Keratin hair treatments solve all this by plugging holes caused by damage to the hair shaft, sealing in just the right amount of moisture to keep hair manageable, straight, and smooth.
  • Keratin seals in your new hair color. The best time to do a keratin treatment is right after you’ve had your hair colored. Because the keratin seals up the hair shaft, it also seals in that gorgeous new hue, protecting it from water and locking in that color pigment. So wash away! Your hair can handle it now.
  • Keratin makes your hair easier to style. Healthy hair is much easier to manage than unhealthy hair is. It’s less tangled and more brushable each morning. It holds a style with body, bounce, and swing. While keratin does make your hair smoother, it doesn’t leave it limp. So go ahead, style away! Just remember that no matter how healthy your hair is, heat is still the enemy. Use it with caution.
  • Keratin leaves you with hair that’s touchable. Keratin hair treatments have been known to cause heart palpitations, catfights, and jealous fits of rage. Your hair will look that incredible! Gorgeous silky locks that people want to touch, the kind of hair you’ve dreamed of...that’s what you’ll get with a keratin treatment from Kenneth’s Hair Salons & Day Spas. You’ll want to run your fingers through it all day just because it feels so terrific. So tangles...just shiny, glossy perfection.
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If your frizzy hair has you feigning the flu the next time you’re invited to a party, it’s time to call the nearest Kenneth’s Hair Salon & Day Spa. We’ll help you get the frizzies under control with a Keratin Smoothing Treatment applied by one of our professional hairstylists. We’ll consult with you on your unique hair type and challenge, and then tailor the treatment so that it meets your needs. We guarantee you’ll leave the salon looking and feeling like a new woman!

Kenneth’s Hair Salons & Day Spas are located throughout Central Ohio, including Columbus, Arlington-Hilliard, Dublin, Grove City, Kingsdale, New Albany, Pickerington-Reynoldsburg, Polaris Parkway, Powell, Westerville, and Worthington. Call today to make an appointment. You’ll be ready for that party in no time!

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