Not All Training is Created Equal

preparing you fully for your career

For most salons, an apprentice might sweep hair, fold towels, work the desk, clean the dispensary, shampoo a few clients, and if they’re lucky they may get to do a couple of their own clients here and there. While this work can provide good experience, little of it builds the skill and confidence required to be a great hair stylist behind the chair. There is so much more required to fully prepare a stylist for a successful career!

At Kenneth’s we take an entirely different approach to preparing our future stylists, starting with top-level educators in our state-of-the-art training facility. Apprentices learn both the technical and non-technical skills necessary to become successful in this industry, including our world-renowned Journey training. Apprentices earn a competitive wage and are eligible for full benefits!

more training

Our training begins with the Bronze level, designed to enhance the skills previously acquired in beauty school, deepen understanding of color theory, and advance techniques and speed. After Bronze the apprentice proceeds to Silver where they spend time assisting some of the top hair stylists in the region while also performing services on their own models. Next comes Gold, which is entirely hands-on with models intended to perfect the newly acquired skills and continue to develop client relations. The final phase is Platinum which is like dress rehearsal for the big show. Apprentices take paying clients at a reduced cost to ensure full preparedness for a chair at one of our salons, evidenced by providing excellent customer service and quality results in a timely manner.

the right position awaits you

But we don’t stop there! Kenneth’s provides world class continuing education for the duration of your career with us. The classes are designed to not just satisfy State Board CEU requirements, but to advance our staff with the latest trends and techniques in the industry. Whether we bring in top educators from around the world or provide a platform for our top stylists to share their expertise, we provide education that is applicable in real life behind the chair.

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Benefits as a Stylist Apprentice:

  • World class training and education
  • Earn your chair in as little as 7 months
  • Paid time off benefits for those who qualify
  • Generous service and product discounts
  • A flexible schedule that includes no Sundays and paid holidays
  • Comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance
  • 401 K and ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership)
  • Compensation of $10 per hour plus gratuities
  • Advancement opportunities after the completion of service goals
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