Salon Products that Tame Hair in Humidity

Keep Hair Smooth with Hair Stylist-Recommended Formulas

After spending a minimum of 30 minutes styling your hair, not to mention the amount of time it takes to bathe, apply your make-up, and select a gorgeous outfit, you head outdoors to get into your car or walk to your destination. Suddenly … POOF! The humidity has turned your hair into an unrecognizable, outrageously frizzy puff atop your once perfectly-coiffed head. You have flyaways, fuzz, areas that look like you haven’t brushed your hair in days, sections of hair that look wilted and sad - you know the drill, and you don’t like it!

Instead of getting upset about your undesirable transformation, get prepared for next time with quality hair-taming products from Kenneth’s Salons and Day Spas in Central Ohio. Our salon formulas are designed to keep your tresses looking as fresh as the day you walked out of one of our eleven hair salons in the Columbus area.

Why Does Humidity Make Hair Frizzy?

We have to rely on science to fully answer this question, and frankly, getting too in-depth and technical is just as frustrating as suddenly fighting frizzy hair.

Let’s keep it simple! Humid air contains higher levels of hydrogen than normal - and hydrogen is a big component of water! Human hair is sensitive to this hydrogen, which begins forming bonds with the proteins and water molecules in your hair. These bonds affect your hair’s cuticles, and add waves, curls, and frizz. Basically, your hair is porous - or naturally full of tiny holes that like to absorb stuff - and it pulls in a lot of moisture from the humid air.

As it turns out, dry hair thirsty for moisture is particularly susceptible to the effects of humidity, as it absolutely slurps up those hydrogen molecules. So, it makes sense that humidity doesn’t affect healthy, moisturized hair as much because the strands don’t need to soak up the water in the air. To prevent humidity from ruining your hair every day, especially in our humid Ohio summers, turn to salon hair products that boast anti-frizz capabilities and keep hair moisturized and healthy.

Kenneth’s Hair Products That Fight Frizz

Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas offer salon-quality hair care products at all our locations, as well as in our online store. Our products were created because our stylists and hair experts saw a gap in the products currently available on the market compared to what our valued clients needed to take care of their hair between salon visits. Our unique perspective - seeing our clients’ hair first hand - made our products even more special because they truly were formulated with someone just like you in mind.

Here are some of Kenneth’s-own hair products you can use to fight the effects of humidity!

Kenneth’s Elixir 11
This spray-on, leave-in treatment works for all hair types. It’s aptly-named because it does eleven things for your hair, and two of those are smoothing frizz and moisturizing dry hair - just what you need to help prevent the humidity from taking over! Elixir 11 also seals color; repairs damage; prevents split ends; strengthens fragile hair; prevents flat-iron damage; prevents pool and sun damage; adds shine, softness, and silkiness; protects hair from blow-dry damage; and improves texture and manageability.

Kenneth’s Marula & Hemp Nourishing Oil
An emollient-rich oil that protects your hair from your hot tools, our serum also combats frizz and prevents cuticle damage. Our Marula & Hemp Oil is great for all hair types, and can help turn your brittle, dry hair into soft, supple tresses you’ll love running your fingers through.

Anti-Frizz Defining Curl Creme
If you already have curly hair, you know it gets out of control in humid air. Take back your ringlets and waves (or whatever you have) with our humidity-resistant, frizz-fighting creme for all kinds of curly hair, no matter your texture.

Kenneth’s Keratin Therapy Smooth
If you’ve recently had a keratin treatment or other chemical or color services, this serum is a great choice to seal in the keratin and prevent damage during heat styling. Of course, you also can use it on hair that hasn’t received treatments. Its penetrating formula gets deep into your porous hair strains to revitalize and smooth, while eliminating frizziness. It’s also formaldehyde free!

Kenneth’s Straight & Smooth
This simply-named serum is designed to help straighten your hair (with the help of your daily styling process), while controlling coarse and curly flyaways and eliminating frizz. It smells amazing, too!

Kenneth’s Designer Smoothing Gel
Don’t let the name fool you! This isn’t your mama’s hair gel. Our combination leave-in conditioner and holding product softens and straightens hair, and controls curls and frizz for manageability and shine. It only takes a little dab to make a big difference!

Kenneth’s Moroccan Miracle
Why buy Moroccan oil products from a big box store, when you can get our recommended version straight from your stylist? Calm your flyaways and tame frizz with our gluten-, paraben-, and petrochemical-free formulation. Plus, ours smooths and adds shine and speeds up the amount of time it takes your hair to dry!

Kenneth’s Give Me Brilliance Finishing Gloss
A small amount of this light-capturing gel makes your hair look brilliantly shiny and sleek, with a frizz-free finish. It’s like the icing on your humidity-proof hair cake!

Kenneth’s Hair Care at Home

If you haven’t been able to get out of your house and into a salon, don’t make your hair suffer. Place your order for our incredible hair care products, especially the ones we’ve specially formulated to tame frizz from humidity, and take back your style and polished good looks. Our products are available for purchase on our website, and we’ll ship everything you order straight to your door - no need to browse the aisles of the store for a product they might not even sell.

At Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas, we have everything our clients in the Columbus, Ohio area need to stay looking their very best. Start shopping now.

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