Why You Should Avoid DIY Haircuts and Coloring

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How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home

Step 1: Don’t do it. Following along with hair cutting tutorials online can seem like fun, but the end result is likely to be something you’re not entirely happy with.

The Results Won’t be Great

Professional hair stylists are just that, professionals. It takes months of school and years of hands on practice to master hair cutting and styling techniques. So, unless you graduated from beauty school, you’re probably not going to like how your at-home haircut and color turns out. You will be much better off setting up an appointment with a professional. Avoid the regret of a DIY haircut and book your next appointment with one of our talented stylists.

Cutting Bangs is Harder Than it Looks

A quick bang trim might seem like a simple enough cut for an untrained person to pull off, but we’ve all seen the videos and pictures of someone who cut their bangs too short. It’s a fail you can’t come back from (until they grow out…or you buy clip-on bangs).

You don’t let your mom cut your bangs anymore for a reason, and we promise you, you probably aren’t better at cutting bangs than your mom was when you were little.

The Scissors Can Damage Your Hair

The average person doesn’t have a pair of professional hair cutting shears lying around the house. So, what would you use instead? Safety scissors, kitchen scissors, or even craft scissors are all big NOs when it comes to cutting your hair. They are dull, and not only create a jagged cut, but can actually create split ends – which is exactly what you don’t want from your fresh new hairdo. Professional hair cutting shears are well maintained and regularly sharpened in order to cut your hair properly. Getting regular haircuts and trims from a licensed professional will help prevent split ends and help keep your hair looking healthy – doing an at-home DIY cut will not yield the same results.

You’ll Likely Need to Get it Fixed at a Hair Salon Near You Anyway

Even if you think you’ve watched enough tutorials or read a million how-to instructions, if you are not a professional cosmetologist, your hair is likely not going to come out like the image you have in your head. Most DIY haircuts end up being too short, choppy or crooked, leading you to end up at the hair salon anyway, and getting much shorter hair or bangs than you intended.

If the goal is to save money, you might end up spending more to fix it – especially if you add at-home color to your DIY haircut. Hair coloring is harder than it looks and DIY color often leads to a trip to the hair salon for color correction -- or worse: rejuvenating hair brutally damaged with bleach. You especially should not dye your hair at home if you have recently had it relaxed or permed. The chemicals used in both relaxing and perming can cause damage, so you don’t want to add the unpredictable chemical mix of a box dye on top.

Box Dyes Can Actually Damage Your Hair

It might seem harmless to pick up a box of dye at your local drug store, but box dye is a one-size-fits all solution that might not work for your particular hair type or condition. When applying color to hair, you have to take into consideration that box dye is formulated to be h2 enough to work on anyone’s hair, so the solution won’t be tailored based on your hair type like it would be at a hair salon.

Box dye generally doesn’t list how much ammonia is in their product, so with DIY coloring, you may be applying way more ammonia than necessary to accomplish the color you’re going for. This can be bad because too much ammonia is damaging – people need different levels depending on their hair type and desired results.

The formula of dye should be specific to the hair type it will be used on. People with thin, dark hair are going to need a different formula of dye than people with thick, course, light hair. The same goes for if your hair has been color-treated before. Do you have previous dye in your hair? Highlights? Balayage? A perm? All of these things can be a factor in how your hair color will turn out. Our professional hair stylists at Kenneth’s will customize the dye to your texture and color for the best results possible because they are experts in the chemistry of hair dye.

Rely on Professional Hair Coloring to Avoid Funky Color Outcomes

When people dye their hair at home, they often don’t use enough dye to saturate the hair, causing it to look uneven and spotty. Or in an attempt to make sure there are no missed spots, they might over saturate their hair and leave it on for too long, which can lead the hair to look way too dark and monochromatic and cause it to become dry and damaged. Either result is not ideal hair goals, and will likely lead to a call to a professional to fix the situation.

Never mix multiple box dyes together at home in an attempt to make a custom color like you’ve seen your professional colorist do at the salon. Box dye results already vary greatly from the picture on the box, so mixing them to create your own custom color is not recommended.

Professionals make it look easy, but there is actually a science to color mixing to create the perfect blend that is suitable for each client’s texture and color. Stylists will be able to know how someone’s hair will respond to these factors and tweak things accordingly. With a DIY at-home dye job (because, let’s be real: it’s not hair coloring at that point), things are much less precise. This is especially true if you put dye on top of already colored hair. The chemistry of two dyes on top of each other can drastically change your hair for the worse. Especially if you already have bleached your hair, or are attempting to use bleach to lighten, your hair might turn a funky color like orange or green.

Box Dyes Linger Longer, and Not in a Good Way

Ever use a box dye that says “semi-permanent” or “will wash out in 10 shampoos”? Let us guess: it didn’t wash out quite the way you hoped? Box dye can be sold without FDA approval, so the claims on the box might not be accurate, leading to undesired results. That fun blue dye you applied to your hair during quarantine might be left in your hair when it’s time to head back into the office!

The Lesson?

The hair salon is always your best bet for a haircut and color that will look good, grow out well, and that you will love. Regular visits for a trim will keep your hair happy and healthy.

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