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Fall is finally here and the summer weather that wreaks havoc on our hair is behind us. But, now we’re left with the damage that was caused by the summer sun exposure and swimming pool chemicals that dry out hair. The changing season is the perfect time to give your hair a refresh and some nourishment to help it heal.

At Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas, we have all the professional salon hair care products you need to bring your hair back to life and to achieve the perfect fall styles at home. Trying out new trendy hairstyles at home is easier than it looks, and it’s a fun way to freshen up your look for fall. Let us introduce you to five of our favorite go-to salon-quality hair products that we use every day at Kenneth’s locations throughout Central Ohio. Then, we’ll teach you some of the fun styles you can achieve with these hair styling products right at home!

Elixir 11

Elixir 11 is a great secret weapon to keep in your arsenal of salon hair products. It is by far one of our most popular hair care products, and for good reason. Elixir 11 is a weightless leave-in treatment that’s ideal for all hair types. It contains anti-aging technology that was previously only used in skincare products. It’s essentially like a multivitamin for your hair. Elixir 11 gets its name from the 11 great things it does that are beneficial to the overall health of your hair. Elixir 11 seals color, smoothes frizz, repairs damage, prevents split ends, moisturizes dry hair, strengthens fragile hair, prevents flat-iron damage, prevents pool and sun damage, adds shine, softness and silkiness, protects from blow drying, and improves texture and manageability. It is the perfect product to use in the fall after your hair has been subjected to the harsh elements of summertime. Elixir 11 is currently available to purchase in 2oz and 5oz sizes.

The Style: Victorian Side Twists

Kenneth’s Product Used: Elixir 11

Recently seen on the Tory Burch runway, Victorian side twists are a simple, but classic fall hairstyle. Before styling, prep your hair by using our weightless Elixir 11 leave-in treatment. Blow-dry your hair and then twist and pin the two sections behind each ear with a bobby pin.

Kenneth’s Dry Texturizing Spray

Our Dry Texturizing Spray adds volume and a natural bounce to your hair without weighing it down. It works best on fine or limp hair, leaving it feeling soft and light and never stiff or crunchy. This product is like a dry shampoo and volumizing finishing spray rolled into one. It’s perfect for achieving a tousled look with movement or beautiful beachy waves for ultimate body and fullness. Pick up your bottle of Kenneth’s Dry Texturizing Spray today.

The Style: Big, Bouncy Curls

Kenneth’s Product Used: Kenneth’s Dry Texturizing Spray

If you have naturally curly hair, why not embrace the bounce and take the texture up a notch? Turn the flat iron off, and add some more volume to your hair by spraying in some of our Dry Texturizing Spray to give your curls a natural, weightless bounce. If you have straight hair, you can braid your dry hair and then spray our Dry Texturizing Spray on both sides of the braids. Allow the spray to fully dry before taking out the braids, and then tousle your hair to loosen it and create volume.

Creative Volumizing Foam

The Creative Volumizing Foam is a curl activating and styling foam that infuses long-lasting volume and style support for finer textures. It makes your hair humidity resistant for a firm hold and maximum style retention, leaving you with smooth, long-lasting curls. If you’re looking to achieve fullness and volume with your style, apply the Creative Volumizing Foam to your clean towel-dried hair, and work it through to the ends with your fingers. You can then blow dry or diffuse your hair to create your desired style. If your goal is to create a more natural look, you can scrunch the foam into your clean, damp hair and style with your fingers. The Creative Volumizing Foam is in stock, so grab a bottle and create some great curly styles.

The Style: Brushed Out Curls

Kenneth’s Product Used: Creative Volumizing Foam

Apply the Creative Volumizing Foam to your clean towel-dried hair, working it through the ends with your fingers, and then allow it to air dry. If you have naturally straight or wavy hair, use a medium-barrel curling iron to curl your hair into spirals. Let your hair cool, and then brush the curls through for a glamorous look. If you have natural curls, skip the blow-drying and simply allow your hair to dry naturally, then brush it through to create volume.

Out There Volumizing Spray Mist

If you’re looking to achieve a sleek look, but hate the rigid feeling of hair-sprayed locks, then our Out There Volumizing Spray Mist is right for you. It gives you extreme control over your hair, without making it look stiff or feel sticky. Pick up a bottle of the Out There Volumizing Spray Mist today.

The Style: Sleek and Slicked Back

Kenneth’s Product Used: Out There Volumizing Spray Mist

Hair swept directly back on the head with no part gives a sleek and sophisticated fall look. Spray your hair at the roots and about three inches down with our Out There Volumizing Spray Mist. Let it dry slightly, then comb it back across the middle of your head and tuck the sides behind your ears. If you have thinner hair, you can tease your hair before combing it backward. Pro-tip: strategically place a few hidden bobby pins behind your ears to keep the look in place.

Scalp Purifying Revitalizer

Our natural Scalp Purifying Revitalizer is the perfect thing to refresh your hair for fall. Itchy, irritated scalps can be caused by pollution, swimming in chlorinated pools or salty oceans, and product build-up. The fruit acids in the Scalp Purifying Revitalizer exfoliate to clean scalp pores for healthy hair growth. The apple cider vinegar dissolves build up and removes styling product residue. The vitamin C it contains promotes scalp clarity. The natural extract blend soothes, refreshes and deodorizes the scalp. After using the Scalp Purifying Revitalizer, your scalp will feel and smell fresh and clean, and irritation will diminish over time. If summer has done a number on your scalp, be sure to get a bottle of our Scalp Purifying Revitalizer as soon as possible.

The Style: Deep Side Part

Kenneth’s Product Used: Scalp Purifying Revitalizer + Out There Volumizing Spray Mist

Changing where you part your hair is one of the easiest ways to change up your look for fall. First prep your hair by using our Scalp Purifying Revitalizer. This will ensure your scalp is looking clean and feeling fresh, and is ready for your new part. Once your hair is dry, create a deep part on either side of your head about two inches above your ear, and comb over the hair to the opposite side. Once you have the deep part how you like it, spray all over with our Out There Volumizing Spray Mist to keep it secure.

Get a Fresh Haircut in Columbus This Fall

We hope these fun fall hair ideas will inspire you to try something new this season. If you’re interested in picking up any of our professional hair styling products used to create these looks, you can purchase them right here on our retail page. You can also come in to one of our many convenient locations to pick up your salon hair care products in person, before or after your appointment for a haircut with one of our expert stylists. Our salons are located all over Columbus and Central Ohio, so there is sure to be a Kenneth’s close to you! We have locations in Arlington-Hilliard, Columbus, Dublin, Grove City, Kingsdale – Upper Arlington, New Albany, Pickerington - Reynoldsburg, Polaris Parkway - Lewis Center, Powell, Westerville and Worthington.

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