How a Monthly Spa Membership Can Help You Save Money

Join Club Kenneth and Receive Discounted Spa Services at Some of the Best Spas in Columbus, Ohio

For many people, the day spa is their go-to place when they need relaxation and refreshment. Spa services are good for the body: they promote healing, include professional skin care, and help people feel beautiful. They’re also good for mental health because spa services are definitely a form of self care, which is so important right now.

When your self care comes in the form of spa treatments, you can save money on services each month by purchasing a Club Kenneth spa membership from Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas, conveniently located around the Columbus area.

You’re Receiving Regular Spa Services Anyway

There are certain spa services you should plan to receive every month to keep yourself looking and feeling healthy. These services include a facial, manicure, and pedicure. The truly stressed out - or those suffering from chronic body pain - also see immense value in getting a relaxing massage at least once per month.

The cost of these services quickly adds up, considering each one costs upwards of $83! But with a spa membership from Kenneth’s, your monthly total comes out to just $65, and you can choose from a monthly massage, facial, or mani-pedi package. Each month, that’s a savings of $18 to $28, depending on the service you choose. We can think of lots of things we could do with that much extra money in our pockets each month!

If you’re already receiving spa services every month, getting a spa membership means you’ll pay less out of pocket every month - and save more than $300 per year.

Our Spa Membership Menu

Our very important spa members choose from three of our most popular spa treatments.

  1. Our 50-minute Relaxation Massage helps relieve stress, promotes circulation, and soothes sore muscles. Massage therapists use techniques like gentle kneading; long, smooth strokes; and surface friction to ease muscle tension.
  2. The Manicure and Express Pedicure package includes a world-class manicure and pedicure that leaves your hands and feet feeling smooth and fresh. The manicure includes nail shaping and smoothing, an exfoliating massage, moisturization, cuticle treatment, and the nail polish of your choice. The Express Pedicure is a half-hour service that includes a calf and foot massage, exfoliation, moisturization, and nail polish.
  3. Our signature facial - which is an extra $5 a month - is a 60-minute service that improves the health of your skin. A thorough cleansing, steam treatment, exfoliation, and blemish extraction are performed based on your skin’s specific needs, followed by a mask hand-selected by your expert esthetician. A gentle face, neck, shoulder, arm, and hand massage helps you relax while our skin care products work their magic.

Why It’s Worth It to Sign Up for Club Kenneth

If $65 to $70 per month still sounds expensive despite the savings, remember that you’re already paying full price for your spa services anyway! If you come to Kenneth’s at least once per month, your membership pays for itself the very first time you use it. And of course, you can cancel any time without penalty.

What makes it truly worthwhile, though, aside from the cash you’re keeping in your pocket every month, is that it provides you with a scheduled opportunity to put aside your worries and woes and embrace peaceful relaxation. So often, we don’t get an opportunity to truly rest! And because your membership is good at any Kenneth’s spa location, you can make your appointment at the spa nearest you, whether it’s the one that’s close to home in New Albany, or the one closest to work in Kingsdale, for example.

You work hard every day, and have put up with a lot of extra stress thanks to this pandemic! An affordable spa treatment each month is a small price to pay for renewing your overall wellness and improving your well-being.

Sign Up for Monthly Spa Services

Sign up for Club Kenneth and use your membership in any of our day spa or nail spa locations in Central Ohio. Our day spas are located in Arlington-Hilliard, Polaris Parkway, and New Albany. Our nail spas are in Kingsdale, Taylor Square, and Worthington.

Now that you’ve decided to invest in your self-care, join our club by registering online, or talk to us in person at one of our many convenient locations. Enroll today so you can experience the gift of relaxation and peace before the conclusion of the stressful holiday season.

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