The Hottest Beauty Trends of 2021

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On New Year’s Eve of 2020, people around the world wished for the dawn of 2021 to bring about big changes and begged that the new year would be better than the last. We all woke up on January 1, 2021 and felt pretty much the same.

Fortunately, 2021 is bringing about some beauty trends that we are absolutely living for - and that makes the year better already. Check out these hot 2021 beauty trends the team at Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas would love to see more of this year.

Hair Trends

1970s-Inspired Shag Haircuts

This textured haircut works great on all hair types and makes a big statement. With shorter, face-framing layers and added length in the back, this style is best achieved through diffusion, then applying hair product to give it that “disheveled” look. For a less dramatic change, a choppy cut can achieve the same effect, while the brave-at-heart can go full-blown mullet. While we’re on the subject of mullets, those are back! We’d be wrong to forget to mention that this is a fashionable look for men this year, too!

Need inspiration? Check out Miley Cyrus’s rock ‘n’ roll shag, or Janet’s more polished haircut on the TV classic, Three’s Company.

Textured Curtain Bangs

The classic bangs are back, with a twist! This year, we predict women will wear their bangs with a preference for texture over length. Rather than the straight-across, thick bangs like Zoey Deschanel’s in earlier seasons of New Girl, this year’s hottest bangs will frame the face, starting at the cheekbones, and split down the middle at the hairline. Like the shag haircut, it, too, has some 1970s flair. This more modern shape is suitable for lots of face shapes, whereas blunt bangs from years past tended to make round faces look even shorter and wider.

Need inspiration? Check out Dakota Johnson’s face-framing curtain bangs.

Face-Framing Highlights

Also called “money piece” highlights, these add some brightness around your face to upgrade a typical balayage. Subtle money piece highlights are about two shades lighter than your natural hair. But, if you’re looking for something more dramatic, you can ask for these chunky highlights throughout your hair, or go for a much lighter shade around your face for more dramatic definition. Visit one of the best salons in Columbus to get the look!

Need inspiration? Check out Beyonce’s balayage!

Make-Up Trends

Bold Eyeshadows

Harken back to the 1980s when eyeshadow was eye-catching for this 2021 beauty trend. Because we’ll be masked up for the greater part of the year, it’s the perfect opportunity to really go big with your eye makeup. Think bright colors like blues, yellows, and greens, and use those parts of your eyeshadow palette you always thought were too over-the-top.

Need inspiration? Check out Lucy Hale’s emerald eyes or Emmy Rossum’s red liner.

Full-Color Cat Eyes

A bold cat eye look is the perfect time to get creative and play with color and shape. Try a brown, blue, or other colored liner, then experiment with length, height, and even negative space - the parts of your eye that didn’t apply liner to.

Need inspiration? For the boldest cat-eyes, check out the stars of Ru Paul’s Drag Race on VH1. You can take it as over-the-top as they do, or simplify the look to customize it to your preferences.

Au Natural-ish

In sharp contrast to bold eyeshadows and liners, 2021 will have lots of people adopting a more natural look, using concealers, balms, and other lightly-pigmented makeup products to highlight their beauty. These minimal styles take almost no time to achieve and give your skin time to breathe, especially if you have to wear a mask every day.

Need inspiration? Look at Jessica Biel’s timeless, fresh-faced beauty routine!

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