Beat the Summer Heat with Frizz-Fighting Hair Products

We Share Some of Our Best Hair Products for Frizz

Summer is almost here and things are opening back up - meaning you’re going to be busy catching up with friends. But when it comes to summer heat and humidity, frustrating frizz is sure to follow! At Kenneth’s Salons & Day Spas we have an impressive line-up of clean hair care products to choose from. These are some of the best salon products to help eliminate frizz and protect your precious locks from the summer heat.

Hair health is our number one goal which is why we are dedicated to offering natural hair care products that don’t contain those pesky shampoo scaries. Instead, we use natural ingredients to offer the best hair products for frizz. Whether you’re headed to the beach, a birthday party, happy hour or spending the day poolside - we’ve gathered our favorite ways to beat the summer heat and look great with our favorite frizz-fighting hair products!

Our 11 Favorite Frizz-Fighting Hair Products:

Kenneth’s Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Intense Anti-Frizz Conditioner - This dynamic duo is our favorite way to eliminate frizz. Together they smooth, silken and add shine to curly, frizzy or chemically-treated hair. The lightweight conditioner creates frizz-free, lightweight curls and revitalizes moisture while adding softness, shine and manageability for all hair types.

Kenneth’s Elixir 11 - Looking for that magical potion that does everything for your hair? Well, look no further than Elixir 11! Essentially vitamins for your hair, this leave-in treatment has new anti-aging technology previously used only in skincare products. It’s virtually weightless and beneficial to the overall health of the hair. This product does eleven things for your hair; seals color, smoothes frizz, repairs damage, prevents split ends, moisturizes dry hair, strengthens fragile hair, prevents flat iron damage, prevents pool and sun damage, adds shine, softness and silkiness, protects from blow drying and improves texture and manageability. The best part, it’s ideal for all hair types!

Kenneth’s Extra Gentle Creme Cleanser - This extra gentle, non-lather cleanser brings back lifeless curls, leaves hair shiny, bouncy and beautiful. CBD lipids soothe irritated scalps while witch hazel gently cleanses, but doesn't stimulate oil production. This formula promotes less color fading, calms and controls curls to prevent frizz and is free from detergent, parabens and formaldehyde.

Swimmer Wellness Collection - Headed to the pool a lot this summer? Protect your hair with our swimmer wellness collection! This collection reduces the charge of harsh, oxidizing elements, weakening their hold and gently lifting them away. Frequent swimming in water for fun, health and fitness can lead to potential hair and scalp problems. With Swimmer Wellness you can help avoid that.

Kenneth’s Making Waves Beach Spray - Making Waves Beach Spray activates curl on straight or wavy hair while leaving the hair feeling healthy, shiny and natural. This alcohol-free formula is lightweight and contains humidity blocking agents that will keep hair controlled and manageable, yet have movement. Beach Spray adds texture to fine hair and creates the feeling of volume - perfect for summer!

Malibu Hard Water Kit - Shield your hair from bombarding minerals hiding in your water. This re-hydrating blend of natural amino acid proteins and vital moisturizers restores the strength and integrity of dry, brittle and damaged hair. Provides manageability so your hair is silky smooth and easy to get a brush through every time.

Kenneth’s Out There Volumizing Spray - Looking for the perfect styling spray to boost volume while eliminating frizz? Make sure to check out our Out There Volumizing Spray. The mist gives you extreme control over your hair without making it look stiff or feel sticky.

Kenneth’s Anti-Frizz Defining Curl Creme - Everyone with curly hair needs a great creme to help define those precious curls. Our humidity-resistant, intense frizz-fighting creme is perfect for all types and textures of curly hair - super versatile!

Kenneth’s Smoothing Gel - A fusion of a deep treatment and a finishing product all in one. This botanical-rich leave-in conditioner also serves as a softening balm. When used as directed it straightens and controls curly and frizzy hair for maximum manageability and shine this summer.

Kenneth’s Straight & Smooth - Looking for a way to tame frizz and straighten hair? With our Straight & Smooth product you can straighten and control coarse or curly hair while eliminating frizz.

Not sure which product would be best for you this summer? We are passionate about helping our clients and our expert stylists can help suggest the best option for your hair needs. Contact us or book your appointment online and let us help you find the perfect products to keep the frizz at bay this summer!

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