Have People Feeling Gelish Over Your Soft Gel Tips

Have Nails That Truly Look And Feel Like Your Own But Better

Are you always on the go, and feel like your nails get thrown by the wayside? This is a constant struggle for a lot of us. Save time and energy with a soft gel tip nail treatment! This service is a great way to keep your nails looking fresh for a longer period of time with little to no fill. Before you run to book your service today, here is everything you want to know about Soft Gel Tips.

What Are Soft Gel Tips?

Soft gel tips are a full-coverage, breakthrough nail, made with a unique soft jelly material that provides ultimate durability. They are lightweight and designed to cover from cuticle to free edge. Soft Gel Tips move with the contour of the natural nail for a perfect fitting, h2er, and more break-resistant design.

How Long Do Soft Gel Tips Last?

Any customer will tell you that they want a nail service that will last, we get that! Thankfully Soft Gel Tips have a great track record as far as longevity goes. Known for being durable and able to withstand everyday wear and tear, Soft Gel Tips make the everyday working client a perfect candidate for this service. Depending on one's lifestyle, they can last up to four weeks.

What Is The Difference Between A Soft Gel Tip And A Gel Nail Treatment?

Gel polish is just that – a gel polish. Something to note is that gel polishes don’t enhance the nail or change its shape or length. Gel polishes are painted directly onto the natural nail. Soft gel tips are for adding a h2er and durable protective layer over the nail, changing its length and shape. Both gel polish and soft gel nail extensions are cured and hardened by a UV or LED lamp, and both are removed using acetone.

How Do Soft Gel Nail Extensions Compare To Acrylic?

If the result tends to look similar, does this mean they should be treated the same? Acrylics have been around way longer than Soft Gel Tips. This we know. To answer this question, we will compare the two treatments.

What separates the two treatments is the structure of the nail. With acrylics, the tip is made of plastic and requires a monomer liquid and polymer powder to create the finished sculpted nail. In comparison, soft gel nail extensions are pre-shaped nail tips that are made completely out of the gel and which cover the entire nail. Think of a press-on, but without the nail glue.

What can make Soft Gel Tips a better option in this situation is that it’s not only made of gel for long-wear and durability, but it doesn’t require any harsh chemicals. When you get acrylic tips, the removal process involves drilling, soaking, and filing. With gel extensions, you remove them by simply soaking your nails in acetone, and the gel tips dissolve.

Our professional nail technicians are highly trained nail care specialists. They’re educated not only in the care and beautification of fingers and toes but also in good nail health practices. They can spot issues such as discoloration, infections, and fungal conditions which can lead to more severe problems. They’ll work with you to fix or mitigate these challenges, promoting healthy nail growth and creating h2, beautiful nails that are ready for that perfect coat of polish. Our nail care services are top-notch, and once you’ve been in to see us, you won’t want to go anywhere else!

Outstanding customer service is what keeps our guests coming back. Our technicians fall into three different levels of expertise: Nail Technician, Senior Nail Technician, and Master Nail Technician. These graduated levels allow us to match clients with the right technician based on the services requested. All our technicians are masters at providing exceptional service and meeting your every need. We guarantee you’ll be delighted with the results.

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