Hair Care Kits: Your One-Stop Shop for Great Hair

By Leslie Sheets


Salon-Quality Hair Smoothing Treatments Delivered to Your Door!

Everyone likes a one-stop shop! Purchasing the best hair products for amazing hair can be tricky - making trips to multiple stores, buying products that ideally may not work together. No thanks. Get everything you want in one purchase.

Whether you have curly or straight hair, or are looking for smooth and sleek or va va voom volume, Kenneth's Salons and Day Spas in Columbus, Ohio have the hair product kit for you! Focus your time on caring for your hair and not worrying about getting all of the products you need for different locations.

Read about all of Kenneth's incredible kits, figure out which one works best for you, and other ways Kenneth's can help you get the hair of your dreams below:

Volume Kit

Is your hair limp and lifeless? Having great volume not only helps to improve any hair style, it brightens your day (and can help prevent any bad hair days!) Give it a lift with Kenneth's Volume Kit. This amazing kit includes four hair products for your daily hair care maintenance. Everything you need is in the kit: Maximum Fullness Shampoo, Maximum Fullness Conditioner, Elixir 11 and Give Me Lift products. Check it out here .

Coil Kit

Your curly locks deserve the best! If you don't treat your precious curls with care it can lead to hair breakage, frizz and dryness - none of which anyone wants to deal with. Keep the bounce and life in your curls, minus the frizz with the Kenneth's Coil Kit, which includes four curly hair products for your daily hair care maintenance: Anti Frizz Shampoo, Anti Frizz Conditioner, Elixir 11 and Design and Hold Foam. Each helps you achieve the perfect curly hair style. Check it out here .

Quench Kit

Is your hair thirsty? Is it feeling dry and lifeless? That's not a great look for anyone, and if you leave your dry hair untreated it can become brittle, causing it to break and fray easily. Bring your hair back to life with Kenneth's Quench Kit! This four product kit, made for your daily hair maintenance, includes Pure Moisture Shampoo, Indulge Conditioner, Elixir 11 and Moroccan Miracle. Check it out here .

Smooth Kit

Frizzy hair got you down? Kenneth's Smooth Kit gives you four products to combat wild hair, including Anti Frizz Shampoo, Anti Frizz Conditioner, Smooth N Straight and Elixir 11 products. Check it out here .

And you don't have to stop there! Amplify your smooth hair beyond the products at the best Columbus, Ohio hair salon. Treat yourself to a hair smoothing treatment.

Kenneth's Salons and Day Spa's Keratin Treatments condition and de-frizz your hair and leave it smooth, silky and manageable. Choose from two treatments: The Express Keratin Treatment, which lasts up to six weeks or the Keratin Smoothing Treatment that can last for up to 12 weeks.

Both systems use a similar process to seal the hair cuticle with a coating of protein (that's what keratin is) that adds softness and shine, smoothing out any frizz. It nourishes your hair while also teaching it how to “behave”. Did you know a good keratin treatment can also help you reduce drying time dramatically? It's a win-win!

Kenneth's also customizes each keratin treatment to your individual hair type, so you don't need to worry about a “one size fits all approach”. Each stylist at the hair salons are the ultimate professionals when it comes to hair care solutions. You will have a consultation ahead of the treatments to make sure they understand the look you want to achieve with the treatment.

Where is there a hair salon near me?

Visit Kenneth's Salons & Day Spas, for not only your next style and cut but for products to keep those bad hair days away. Getting your hair to look just right can be a challenge but having a high-quality cut and professional style makes a big difference. That's why Kenneth's Hair Salons in Columbus, Ohio offers a variety of services designed to give you the hair you want every day with a minimum of fuss. With 11 world-class locations throughout Central Ohio, there's sure to be a Kenneth's Hair Salons & Day Spas near you. We'll help you create a look that people notice and show you how to maintain it once you get home with the right product kits. Call or visit your local location today to make an appointment for a new haircut, style, extensions or to come in and purchase one of Kenneth's Hair Product Kits today.