Kenneth's Waxing Services for Effortless Hair Removal

By Tony Anders


Kenneth's Waxing Services for Effortless Hair Removal

We’re seeing more of you this summer! Summer fashion and trips to your favorite water destinations prompt seasonal choices in attire that can peek-a-boo unwanted hair. Your favorite swimsuit, sun dress, or sleeveless tops can sometimes make you want to grab your razor and have at it. But the resulting bumps, rashes, and stubble, as well as challenges in getting the job done right, make this a job for the pros.

Let Kenneth’s waxing professionals guide you toward getting that smooth, glowing skin that will carry you from the beach to beyond.

Read on for what our pros recommend that will get you ready for your seasonal fashion and fun!

Facial Waxing – Put Your Best Face Forward!

Facial Waxing – Put Your Best Face Forward

Your face. The first thing people notice. But oh, unwanted hair can distract. That's where Kenneth's waxing services come in. We offer a range of facial wax services, each designed to bring out the smoothness of your skin and flawless glow.

Let's start with lip waxing. Our services range from $21 to $26, providing swift and effective removal of unwanted hair from the upper lip area.

Then there are the eyebrows. The frame of your face. Here, our eyebrow wax services, priced at $25 to $35, ensure neat and tidy brows. Our specialists are well trained in helping you find the right shape and balance for your brow beauty needs.

Our chin waxing services, priced between $23 and $28, address unwanted hair on the chin. And for the sides of the face, we offer services within the range of $28 to $38.

Lastly, for those who prefer an overall solution, our full-face wax service, within the range of $71 to $91, covers the eyebrows, upper lip, and chin areas.

Body Waxing – Flawless Skin is Flawless Fashion

Body Waxing – Flawless Skin is Flawless Fashion

When it comes to body waxing, we offer an array of options:

  • Bikini Waxing: Starting from $46, we remove hair from the basic bikini line with ease.

  • French Bikini: Starting from $59, this option is designed for those preferring more than the basic bikini line wax but not complete hair removal

  • Brazilian Bikini Wax: Starting from $78, we offer a complete hair-free smoothness from front to back, with options for customization based on your preferences.

    First Brazilian Wax?
    Watch this video for a few tips from one of our waxing specialists.

  • Arm Wax: Priced between $55 and $75, this service eliminates unwanted arm hair comfortably in our spa-like settings.

  • Underarms: Perhaps an overlooked area, but its smoothness is integral to compliment your total look. Our underarm waxing service, priced between $33 and $53, quickly and effectively removes unwanted hair in a comfortable environment.

  • Legs: Your legs are the co-star to your favorite summer attire. Show off those shorts, skirts, and swimsuits with confidence with some help from our waxing specialists. Our full leg waxing service, ranging from $91 to $116, quickly and effectively removes unwanted hair, enhancing the natural shape and smoothness of your legs. If you want to focus on certain areas, our half leg waxing service, priced between $56 and $81, covers the foot and knee.

Pricing Options

At Kenneth's Salons and Day Spas, we offer a variety of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Consult with our waxing specialists to find the perfect solution for your hair removal needs. They will guide you on your options, bundles, home care, and maintenance schedule to help you look your best through this season as well as year-round.

Service Type Price Range
Facial Wax (See above options) $21 - $91
Body Wax (See above options) $33 - $116

We’re seeing more of you, so we hope you’ll be seeing more of us!

We offer services that cater to your unique needs, at locations convenient for you - Mill Run, New Albany, Taylor Square, Polaris Parkway, Dublin, Grove City, Kingsdale, and Westerville.

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