An Instant Hair Transformation: Kenneth's Extensions

By Tony Anders


Transform Your Hair Instantly

Have you ever seen someone with long, gorgeous hair and wished you could have it too, but maybe you don’t have the patience or the thickness to pull it off? Maybe that cool shag style you had last year just isn’t doing it for you this season. Wish you could speed up time to grow your locks, but then you become aware that the annual average hair growth for humans is around six inches per year?! What if I told you that you can literally purchase that time and gain one, two, three, even four years’ growth in one salon visit? Hair extensions may be your answer!

The best thing about hair extensions is that they are not only a solution for length issues, but they can also address the following concerns as well:

  • Instantly add more volume
  • Correct an unwanted haircut or disconnected fringe
  • Create face-framing layers without sacrificing your natural density and length
  • Add bold pops of color and fashion color accents without the added processing time
  • Add highlights, dimension, or maybe an ombre’ to your current style without damage or fading
  • Get your dream hair instantly for a special occasion such as a prom or wedding

You may be asking yourself, "What are my options?" The beautiful thing is that Kenneth’s has a variety of options to address your specific hair needs and will respect your beauty budget! (Read through for a great way to get started!)

Hand-Tied Weft

Hand-Tied Weft

Our hand-tied extensions can add length, volume, and chemical-free color with the integration of a seamless 11” wide weft and overall lengths ranging from 14”-24”. These soft and flexible wefts come in dozens of gorgeous color options and can be customized to perfectly blend into your natural hair! Whether thick or fine hair, our specially trained stylists cand direct you towards achieving the length and look you dream of.

Tape-in Wefts and Panels

Tape-in Weft

Our tape-in extensions offer speed and customization. The undetectable attachment method of the tape is gentle on hair and easy for removal and adjustments. Select form our 13” wide wefts or 2” panels for a more strategic application. The wefts range from 14”-24” inches and the panels from 12”-22” to offer you greater flexibility in creating your look. Both have dozens of color options and your Kenneth’s extension specialist can help you select the type, length, and color to best suit your needs.


Hair Dreams Fusion

These micro bonds are fused directly to your hair for a virtually undetectable integration. They are gentle on your own hair and thanks to the bond size thickness, you can barely see or feel them! They can last as long as 4-6 months in your hair and will be easily removed without any residue. If you have thin, fine hair, they are a great option for added length and volume while maintaining a natural allure.



If you find you like greater versatility in your style and maintenance, Clip-In extensions may be for you! This versatile option offers instant chemical-free color, length, and volume to go with any hairstyle! Taking only seconds to install, they will stay in place all day long with the comfort-grip protective lining. Your Kenneth’s stylist can show you how to add 14”-24” of hair in minutes. Three different widths ranging from 3”-9” will give you many options and versatility in creating that glam look for any occasion. With 23 gorgeous colors you can complement your current color and add some spice for every day or that special event.

Want a great way to try extensions? Try our “Mini Volume” for mega impact! Each Mini Volume set comes with four 2” Tape-in extension panels with available lengths of 12” and 16”. The Mini Volume set can address the concerns mentioned earlier and are a great way to see the transformation you deserve!

For a limited time, if you have never had hair extensions, get a free Mini Volume installation with the purchase of two panels (starting at $60.)

Ask your Kenneth’s Extension Specialist about what hair extensions can do for you!

Watch this video to learn more about how to care for your hair extensions