Unlock the Secrets to Healthy, Beautiful Hair

By Tony Anders


Unlock the Secrets To Healthy Beautiful Hair

It’s no secret that hair trends have lauded longer locks for some time with that trend showing no sign of changing anytime soon. The challenges of longer hair, especially if you are a fan of the equally popular blonding trends and hot tools, place your tresses at risk! Your salon stylist may recommend a targeted treatment to address these concerns, but often people are unaware of how these hair treatments can help. Kenneth’s Salons and Day Spas have many options so you can avoid having to use shears as the solution to dull, dry, or damaged hair!

How can I get shine back in my hair?

Ten minutes is all it takes with our European Elixir. It requires no heat and will strengthen your hair as well as impart immense shine and reflection! If you use hot tools on the regular, this treatment is for you.

Summer is coming and I like to swim. How do I protect my hair from chlorine?

Protect My Hair From Chlorine

Our Malibu treatment not only hydrates but eliminates the damage and discoloration from the pool’s harsh chemicals. For those who have well water, Malibu has a solution for you as well. Don’t let bad water compromise your hair’s health and create barriers to your future color services.

How do I repair my dry and brittle hair?

How Do I Repair My Dry and Brittle Hair

You will love our customizable Total Hair Treatment that can address both moisture depletion and diminishing hair strength. Your Kenneth’s stylist can custom blend the right balance of hydration and protein to help bring hair back from the ravages of time, heat, and chemicals. It only takes minutes!

Help! I have split ends. Do I have to cut my hair?

Split Ends

Unattended splits may have to succumb to the shears, but if you want to avoid the snip, you will have to try our Split End Mender. This special treatment can help you keep as much length as possible, and you will not believe it’s the same hair! One of the best ways to protect your beauty investment!

I love my blonde, but it can stress my hair out. What is the deal with bonders?

I Love my Blonde Hair

Kenneth’s offers two great options that we can add to your color and highlight formula. Wellaplex and Vitalshots will be a color client’s best friend. Your stylist will choose the right additive to protect your hair’s strength and inner integrity taking the fear out of your favorite color and lightening service. It is added to your custom formula so it adds no extra time to your visit! Your stylist will select the best option for you.

Ask your salon professional which of these treatment options would be best for you. You do not have to have long or colored hair to benefit from these great services. Coupled with a great at-home hair regimen, you will be amazed at how beautiful and envy-worthy your hair can be!

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