Hair Trends for Fall 2019

The seasons are changing, giving us an opportunity to change and reset. It’s time to purge old habits and bring in the new. As the summer heat exits and cooler fall temps emerge, you’ll probably be making a lot of changes to your daily routine. Whether that involves toting little ones off to school or busting out the books yourself, there’s a lot to love about the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. From carefree, sun-kissed summer days to cozy fall afternoons, the possibilities are endless.

One common “change-up” for many of us includes a fresh, new haircut and style. We all love cooler fall temps when it comes to hair maintenance and routine. Frizz is dramatically reduced as the humidity begins to lay low and natural coloring returns after a summer of bleachable moments. While a new look is in the works, it may be hard to pinpoint exactly what kind of change you’re looking for. If you’re stumped and looking for ideas on new “dos,” check out these fantastic fall hair trends. These styles offer simple, affordable ways to create a fresh new you.

#1: Shake a Shag

A well-cut shag is extremely popular for the fall months. This haircut and style is a nod to the ‘70s and ‘80s, currently making a comeback. The shag style is fun and carefree, offering the best of both worlds: comfort and style.

Typically, the starring features of a shag include choppy layers, additional layering around the crown, and plenty of texture. The best part about this trendy haircut is that it is pretty universal. The cut works with almost any hair texture and virtually any length. Take a photo to the salon with you and have clear directions to explain what you’re looking for.

#2: Bangs are Back!

For the longest time, growing out your bangs was the way to go. Bangs were dubbed “juvenile” and “dated,” and they lost their flair. Instead of choppy, textured cuts and sideswept bangs, you’d see long styles in one-length cuts, parted down the middle. However, with the changing of seasons, you’ll find that bangs are back, adding a little spice to any haircut. Bangs of any sort are now considered in, but micro bangs are hitting the market with gusto. Micro bangs are rough and choppy adds that sit approximately one inch above the brow. It’s popular to take the look of micro bangs even further by cropping them higher on the forehead. Either way, you can’t go wrong with micro bangs. They add a rock-and-roll flair to any cut, creating an edgy, irresistible style for fall.

#3: Warm Rich Undertones for Two-Season Touches

Hair can look faded after months of summertime sunshine. Blonde tones tend to look bleachy while brunette coloring may fade to an auburn glow. Dark-headed and red-headed women may also find their hair color a little less lustrous after the summer months.

That said, fall hair trends will have you fighting the natural impulse to return your roots to their original hue. Nix that route and go with warmer rich undertones. Lowlights in caramel and auburn are trending for the fall season. These color schemes create a warm look reminiscent of fall leaves. A warmer color pallet also transitions nicely into the winter months, keeping maintenance low and saving you time and money.

#4: A Nod to the More Natural Side

In recent seasons, extremely elaborate updos, tight curls, and very polished looks hit the market with oomph. These “uptight” hair trends had their moment, but they’ve run the course and should make an exit this fall.

Instead, you’ll find more natural, carefree styles like loose braids, messy buns, and wispy tendrils to be all the rage. Low ponytails and loose, beachy waves that create an “I woke up like this” hair will win the battle this fall. Professional hairstylists can can help you achieve these natural looks. When opting for a pony or braid, make sure to hide the hair tie with something natural like a strand of hair or a floral embellishment. This hippie, wild child look will be one of the most popular hair trends this fall.

#5: Blunt Bob for the Win

A blunt bob is a bold move that requires some risk. This haircut and style can be especially difficult for gals who have been growing out their locks for a while. Chopping that length off stings a little bit, but these short, low-maintenance trendy haircuts make for fall style that’s full of swing.

That said, bobs are tricky and have to be layered just right. This is especially true for coarse or curly hair. Without proper attention, a bob can quickly turn into that dreaded “hat-like” appearance. Visit with your hairdresser about volumizing solutions like shampoos and mousses that help give shape and height to your new cut. This low-maintenance look is a knockout!