Spa Package Gift Cards Are the Perfect Gift for the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, you might have that person that is notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. Or you might even have a gift swap event coming up. No worries. With a gift card from Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas for one of our spa packages, you can be sure that you’re giving the recipient something they will love and get use out of! Our service areas are Columbus Ohio and the greater Central Ohio area, including Arlington-Hilliard, Dublin, Grove City, Kingsdale, New Albany, Pickerington, Polaris Parkway, Powell, Westerville, and Worthington.

Our friendly and trained experts can offer massages, facial treatments, hair removal services and more in a relaxing and beautiful environment. The special person who you purchase the gift card for will be able to have their own day in paradise. Our spa package gift cards can include a number of service depending on which you select. Here are various services to consider as part of the package:


In the winter months, one of the first effects that we notice is how dry our skin becomes. The temperature and weather patterns cause skin to be less elastic and healthy. If you don’t do anything to counteract this, then the problem will only persist. However, by getting facials you can reverse this process and achieve a more youthful, fresh look.

Our spa packages including facials are a great gift to give someone who might not have time to do facial treatments themselves. Perhaps they have a busy work schedule or don’t have the training and expertise to perform them well. Our friendly and highly trained beauty experts are here at our spa to do all the work, so they can simply relax. Speaking of relaxing:


One of the most popular services used by our spa package gift cards are our famous massages. After a long year of hard work and stress, nothing helps your loved one enjoy the holidays more than a deep massage. By loosening up the muscles, we reduce the levels of cortisone in their system so that stress naturally disappears.

Tanning Treatments

Our massage therapist will apply a rich tanning lotion that moisturizes your skin and provides an even and natural appearing tan. In just a few hours, your skin will be more tan and you can even continue to tan yourself at home with a purchase of our self-tanner.


Not all facials are created equal. Our spa packages can include HydraFacial, which is a multi-step treatment (non-invasive) that involves a chemical peel, painless extractions without the pinching, and hydradermabrasion. At the same time, this treatment delivers hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants. Best of all, there is almost no irritation or downtime needed.


In under an hour and a half, you can achieve healthier and younger looking skin. This service involves exfoliation of your skin, no matter the condition. It is applied to the epidermis, which removes peach fuzz and leaves your skin looking more glowing than ever. It also includes a mask, hand massage, and steaming.

Manicures / Pedicures

Our beauty professionals can turn your cracked and discolored nails into beautiful, fresh nails that you will be confident to show off in public and at holiday gatherings. We offer various finishes for nails. We also have a range of colors and shades. This means you can achieve whatever look you are going for, whether it is a natural look or holiday themed color coordination.


Just because the winter is here, doesn’t mean you should neglect body hair. It’s true, as snow starts to become more common and the sun is out less, you are more likely to wear long clothing. However, there are still plenty of areas that you might be experiencing unwanted body hair. This includes arms, legs, upper lip, and cheeks. Our waxing experts are trained to ensure process as painless as possible.


Looking for a new winter look for your hair this season? No problem. Our stylists know how to understand your needs. That way, they can create a custom plan that works with your lifestyle and haircut goals. Perhaps you want to go shorter to make it easier to style. Or you might take the opportunity to get extensions and grow your hair out during the winter. Whatever you’re looking for, we can absolutely accommodate.

Hair Treatments

Hair can get really dried out in the winter. The lack of moisture and the decrease in temperature levels means that your hair is now more prone to breakage. It can also feel rough to the touch. This makes it less attractive and less smooth to the touch. Instead, you can achieve more stylish, straight hair. Using one of our keratin or relaxing treatments, your curly or frizzy hair can finally be tamed. We will use the right blend of chemicals to ensure that your hair stays shiny, healthy, strong, and straight throughout the winter.

Hair Coloring

The winter comes with changing colors. That means it’s the best time to change your hair color as well. From going darker, to recapturing your blonde look from the summer sun, your options are limitless. All it takes is a visit to Kenneth’s to have a consultation.

Our hair stylists can discuss the hottest trends with you when you visit us. We will give you the right combination of cut, length, and color to fit your wardrobe and holiday plans. You deserve to have the best color possible to bring out your best features.

When it comes to the holidays, it is a time for celebrating each other and spending time with loved ones. This means finding the best gift you can to show your appreciation! Luckily, spa package gift cards are an excellent way to do this. When you give someone this gift, you are giving them the ability to be pampered and feel amazing through one of our spa packages. From improving their skin, hair, nails, or simply enjoying a relaxing massage, we have it all. Let our professionals take care of that special someone so they will remember your gift this holiday season forever!

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