Beat Winter Hair Issues With Our New Line of Luxury Hair Products

Winter can take a toll on your hair and your skin. During this season, humidity takes a plunge because of the cold -- which means there is much less natural moisture in the air. You might combat this with other applications of lotion to the skin, but many of us forget about our hair. Hair is a part of your body that needs just as much attention as your skin. When we don’t provide our hair with a little extra TLC during the winter months, it shows.

Starting with the basics, dry hair looks terrible. It suffers from a dullness that isn’t apparent in well-moisturized hair. You might notice its tendency to break a lot faster as it becomes brittle from the lack of moisture. And when your hair suffers, so does your scalp. Many of us who wouldn’t even think twice about flakes in our hair see more than just snowflakes hitting their shoulders. Combine all this with heat drying and winter is a recipe for a never-ending bad hair day.

Luckily, Kenneth’s has the answer to lousy winter hair. Our new line of styling, conditioning, and hair treatment products will make sure your locks look luscious year-round.

Design Foam For Easily Textured Hair

One of the downsides of winter hair is that it is tough to style. Not only is it dryer, which makes it more coarse, brittle, harder to work into styles, but static is also an issue. Textured hair is making its way back into fashion, but static hair isn’t the type of texture style gurus are looking for.

Static happens when strands of your hair become differently charged. Think back to your 5th-grade science class for a better idea. When objects lose or gain electrons because they are rubbed away (think like your science teacher rubbing a balloon on someone’s head or you tossing and turning in your sleep), they change their natural charge. Differently-charged objects repel or attract one another. In the case of your hair, enough humidity can discharge the strands of your hair. But in the winter, there is not enough humidity in the air to discharge the strands of your hair.

Kenneth’s design foam creates natural texture within the hair, allowing for movement but preventing unwanted textures-- like dreaded static hair or flat, unmanageable hair. It doesn’t leave a sticky or tacky residue and works with all hair types, and is the h2est volumizer.

Mega Volume Hairspray For Texture and Hold

The winter is also not kind to us in the way that it is not kind to our styling efforts. In the summer, the heat and humidity help lock in the moisture that makes our hair so easy to style and keep styled. In the winter, however, it is a lot harder to keep your hair looking exactly the way it was when you styled it. And if you do style it using heat, you might end up damaging your hair and making it even harder to style down the road.

Our mega volume hairspray is perfect for working against winter’s anti-styling efforts. Our hairspray is flake-free and does not leave behind a sticky or crusty residue, despite it being our highest-hold hairspray available. This is especially great for keeping your hair styled between washes. Style as you usually would, wear a shower cap and sleep cap, and you won’t have to restyle until you shampoo your hair again. Best of all, our Mega Volume hairspray works on all types of hair.

Protect Your Hair From Heat With Thermal Styling Spray

Too much heat can damage your hair regardless of the season. Add in all the naturally damaging aspects of winter, as well as issues caused by popular hair-lightening treatments, and you have a recipe for heavily damaged hair. Unfortunately, not drying your hair during the winter is also bad for it -- freezing your hair can destroy it, as well, and not all of us have the time to wait for it to dry itself naturally.

It was these issues that Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas hoped to address with our new Thermal Styling Spray. It protects your hair from heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and it also provides superior styling options. Using this product before styling your hair with a heating element offers a better hold over the long run. Additionally, you can be sure that this styling spray is flake-free and will never leave you with crunchy or tacky-feeling hair.

Nourish Your Hair During The Cold Months With CBD Conditioning Creme Cleanser

Finding the right conditioner and cleanser to match your hair needs is hard enough. Sometimes during the winter, you find yourself stuck between nourishing your hair and keeping up with things like curl and hair color maintenance.

For those types of people, our all-inclusive CBD conditioning creme cleanser can help. It prevents colored hair from fading, nourishes the scalp, and works well with naturally textured hair. To use, you spray it all over your head close to the scalp, let sit for three minutes, then rinse using your color-friendly hair wash.

Protect Your Scalp Like You Protect Your Skin With Our Scalp Revitalizer

If you suffer from dry skin during the winter, you likely also suffer from a dry scalp. Scalps can be especially challenging to deal with because if you skip washes during the winter to protect your hair, you run the risk of a buildup of sebum -- which can cause an unpleasant odor and can exacerbate existing dandruff issues.

Our scalp revitalizer treatment includes ingredients that free the scalp from microbes, excess sebum buildup, and reduce associated irritation. To do this, we use our BioDandra complex, which includes Amara wood, horsetail plant, burdock root, black walnut, and geranium and rosemary extracts. These combined with witch hazel, vitamin c, pectin, apple cider vinegar, and pH balancing ingredients are the cure for winter woes.

Kenneth’s wants to help your hair and scalp look and feel its best during the last months of winter. Please stop by one of our many Central Ohio locations, including our Columbus location, today, and talk to an expert about what hair and scalp treatments might be right for you.

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