Spring is the Best Time for Waxing, Manicures, and Pedicures

Get Ready for Warmer Weather at Our Day Spa

At Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas, we’re relieved to see signs of warmer weather on the horizon. If you’re like us, you’ve been cozied into thick sweaters and boots all winter and are ready to crawl out of your woolen cocoon to enjoy the coming spring. While we adore winter, change is always nice.

For women especially, warmer weather in Central Ohio means time to bare some skin to the sun. So, before you bring out the shorter dresses and sandals to celebrate the season, let the esthetics team at Kenneth’s get you ready.

Here’s what we recommend:

Get a Manicure


Dry winter skin is everywhere, including your hands. Freezing temperatures bring cracked cuticles, which can make your fingernails jagged and rough. Getting a manicure at a day spa is a great way to make sure your hands are smooth. No one wants to go about their day with rough, dry hands, after all.

At Kenneth’s, you can choose from several manicure services to suit your needs. Our basic manicure, Specially Spa, is an ideal maintenance treatment for hands already in healthy condition and ends in a perfect polish application in the color of your choice. If you’ve taken exceptional care of your hands and nails all winter, this treatment is probably right for you.

However, if winter was especially hard on your hands, you might want to choose a service with additional benefits. Exfoliating Plus is a manicure that features a stimulating massage with exfoliating salt crystals to remove rough, flaky skin, from the tips of your fingers to your elbows. One of our estheticians will then deeply moisturize your skin with vitamin and essential-oil infused lotions before meticulously shaping and polishing your nails. Add an extended wear polish, commonly called gel, to make your manicure last even longer.

The Ultimate Hydrating manicure is what we call “our cure for extreme dryness.” This treatment includes a massage with hydrating essential oils that penetrate deeply into your skin, followed by warm paraffin to deepen and enhance hydrating benefits. Your hands and wrists are gently covered in melted paraffin wax, which soothes and moisturizes as it hardens. Of course, no manicure is complete without nail shaping, cuticle softening, and a coat of polish.

A spring-time manicure is also the perfect time to change up your polish colors. Over the winter, you probably selected darker, rich colors to complement the clothing of the season. For spring, you’ll want to select sweet pastels or more vibrant colors to match the flowers we’ll soon see blooming all over the Columbus, Ohio area.

Get a Pedicure


Dry skin affects your whole body, including your feet. Many people neglect their feet during the winter because they know they’re always covered up in socks and shoes to protect them from the cold. Before you slide on your sandals, you’ll need to head to the day spa to get a pedicure so your feet are in top condition.

If you’re short on time, an Express pedicure is a good choice. This half-hour service makes your feet look and feel fabulous. However, if you want to pamper yourself and reinvigorate your feet, you might choose a more intensive pedicure.

Our Health & Wellness pedicure uses the Footlogix line of products to transform your feet. Starting with a seaweed exfoliator, your esthetician will smooth your calluses and soften your cuticles before giving your legs and feet a hydrating massage. No pedicure is complete without the nail polish of your choice.

Our Detoxifying pedicure also uses our Footlogix products, but includes a hot towel wrap to bring toxins to the surface of your skin where they can be washed away. Like its matching manicure service, the Ultimate Hydrating pedicure centers on a massage with essential oils to hydrate your skin from within and application of warm paraffin.

The Power Pedi is a Kenneth’s exclusive and the ultimate self-care experience. Bring your headphones so you can zone out with your own soundtrack while unwinding, as our experienced estheticians apply a warm neck wrap, hydrating eye treatment, light-cancelling heated eye mask, exfoliating scrub, and a leg massage with warm stones.

Just like with your manicure, you can choose a polish color to reflect the season. It can be the same color as your fingernails, or a coordinating color. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Choose and Book Your Waxing Procedures

Unwanted hair can be unsightly, especially in the bright spring sun, where it’s much easier to see. Targeted hair removal treatments, like waxing, will quickly remove hair from the chosen areas of your body. Removing hair from the root means smooth, hair-free skin that lasts longer than shaving.

Besides basic facial waxing, a day spa offers additional services you may be interested in for hair removal. These include underarms, arms, legs, and bikini waxes. Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas offer numerous waxing services you can combine to create a custom waxing package just for you. If you aren’t sure what you want, our experienced estheticians can explain the nuances of each waxing service.

To prepare for your waxing session, be sure to come with freshly-washed and gently-exfoliated skin. Exfoliating helps loosen ingrown hairs and can improve your hair removal results. Don’t scrub too hard, or you can irritate your skin.

A good start is our eyebrow waxing, in which our estheticians shape your eyebrows and remove stray hairs, and a lip waxing, which removes hair from the upper lip. Our valued clients who are preparing for a spring vacation to the tropics often choose underarm waxing and one of our three bikini waxes before departing Central Ohio. No upcoming vacation? No problem. These services are great for regular body care, too.

If you have unwanted hair on your arms and legs, Kenneth’s can take care of that. We can wax your arms, half leg (up to and including the knee), or whole leg (not including the bikini area) so that you can confidently wear dresses and shorts and show off your smooth skin.

As you can see, Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas can transform your skin and nails so you’re ready for spring in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. Call us at 614-538-5800 to make an appointment today, and visit our website to see our full list of day spa services.

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