The Four Hottest Hair Coloring Trends for Winter

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Your hair is your most versatile accessory. Hear us out! As the seasons change, you can also change your hair color and style to complement all your outfits and to stay fashionable. So while diamonds are a girl’s best friend (and who doesn’t want some ice on their fingers!), your hair is 100% you. Use it to express yourself this winter by trying one of the top four hair coloring trends.

The talented hair stylists and color experts at Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas are standing by to help you achieve your hair goals - including these hot looks.

Balayage in Columbus, Ohio

This subtle, yet dramatic hair coloring technique has been on-trend for a few years now, and this winter, it will continue to reign supreme. Balayage, it’s the French word meaning to sweep or to paint. The final product is sun-kissed, natural-looking hair color, like what you’d get if you spent lots of time in the sun.

Your hairstylist will freehand your color with balayage and won’t employ tools like foiling. Balayage pieces are soft at the root of your hair, and get thicker toward the ends. The difference between it and traditional highlights are that balayage offers less noticeable growth lines and appears less harshly defined when fresh. Highlights can be stripey; balayage never should be.

Rose Gold Hair Color in Central Ohio

Celebrities like Emma Roberts and Kiley Jenner rocked rose gold tresses this year, and we don’t see this gorgeous color going away any time soon. Rose gold hair color is created by blending red, pink, and blonde shades. Darker pink lowlights on brunettes creates extra dimension, and a shadow root technique on blondes helps soften the impact of pink hair.

Depending on your current hair color, achieving rose gold locks could take a few visits to the salon, but the result will be a color customized to your skin tone. If you’re dying to try rose gold, it’ll probably look great on you!

Go Dark this Winter

Winter fashion and decor colors tend to be deep, rich tones like hunter green, lush burgundy, and navy blue. So why not take the opportunity to take your hair even darker than ever before? No, we don’t mean dye your hair these decor colors; we mean why not try out a dark brown or black hair color?

Single-process coloring is perfect for some people, but you could also create a look all your own with chocolate brown highlighting to add depth to raven-black hair. If you need warmer tones to complement your skin, try chestnut brown highlights. Dark mahogany with plummy undertones is absolutely gorgeous and moody; the perfect shade for winter.

Snow White and Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Conversely to the deepest, darkest shades, winter is also a lovely time to go super pale and bright with platinum and coconutty blondes. Platinum blond stands in stark contrast to darker winter colors, meaning your hair will pop from under your adorable stocking cap - and will look amazing in all the snapshots for your Instagram.

These super light shades are not at all low-maintenance and will require careful upkeep, not only to maintain your color, but to ensure your hair remains healthy. A professional hair stylist near you with coloring experience can help you with this; it’s definitely something you should never try at home.

Extend the Life of Your Winter Hair Color

If you’ve ever had your hair professionally colored in one of our salons, then you know that it’s important to take care of your hair once you go home. Processed hair requires special treatment to keep it looking healthy and to maintain the color for longer. In the winter, there are additional considerations for you to protect your hair.

  • Don’t go outside with wet hair. If the temperatures outdoors are frigid, as they tend to be in Ohio winters, you should wait for your hair to dry before venturing outside. The water in your hair can freeze, and it expands as it does so. This can lead to serious hair breakage from within.
  • Fortify your strands with a mask. Your hair stylist can help you choose a masking product to keep your hair moisturized and healthy after intense coloring sessions. This is especially important in winter, when your hair already often feels dry. If you have double-processed hair (like you chose platinum hair!), you’ll want protein-building ingredients in your mask.
  • Avoid excessively using hot tools. Too much heat styling damages even unprocessed hair, so you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that using hot tools on processed hair will cause damage. Add this to the fact that your home’s heating system is cranking all day long, and you have a recipe for static and frizz. Seal in moisture with a hair oil product, or other frizz-fighters. Here’s another chance for your hair stylist to help you choose what’s best for your hair and scalp!

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When it comes to coloring your hair, your best and safest bet is to work with a professional instead of attempting to do it yourself at home. Not only can you make a real mess of your bathroom, but you could experience severe breakage and hair loss, or an end result that looks like something you’d see on a Halloween wig.

If you’re ready to “dye your hair,” as the slang goes, then make an appointment at one of Kenneth’s eleven convenient locations all over the Central Ohio area: Arlington-Hilliard, Dublin, Grove City, Kingsdale, New Albany, Pickerington, Polaris Parkway, Powell, Westerville, and Worthington. Make your appointment online, or call the salon location of your choice.

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We are looking forward to seeing your new hair and a new you for this winter!

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