Personalized Gift Giving for All Occasions with a Kenneth’s Gift Card

An Ideal Gift for Women in the Columbus, Ohio Area

Start the new year fresh with the best gift ideas for all occasions. You don’t need to spend hours shopping for every holiday, birthday, or celebration. Just purchase a Kenneth’s gift card online, and know that your recipient is grateful for the opportunity to beautify, refresh, and rejuvenate.

Gift Ideas for Beauty Lovers

This is great for anyone with a beauty lover in the family. When their birthday rolls around, it can be difficult to pick out something they’ll love that they don’t already have. This likely will inspire frantic internet searches, Pinterest perusal, and scratching your head at the makeup counter. Makeup palettes, hair products, styling tools - there are so many items to choose from, it can drive you crazy trying to pick.

Your fall-back plan is, no doubt, a gift card to a favorite beauty supply store, where your recipient can pick out whatever they want. While that’s still a thoughtful gift, it’s not the most thoughtful gift you can give a beauty lover!

The ultimate gift for beauty lovers is a gift card to their nearest Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas, located in and around Columbus, Ohio. You can purchase a gift card online or in person at any Kenneth’s, and it’s good at any of our locations. They never expire and can be used for any salon or spa service, or product from our retail store.

Customizing Kenneth’s Gift Card Amounts

Prepackaged beauty and hair care products have set prices, which means you may need to modify your gift budget as you shop. For example, if you’re looking to spend $100 on a gift, you might find a suitable gift for $50 - but it doesn’t use up your whole gift budget, and you have to continue the arduous task of shopping.

A Kenneth’s gift card can be purchased in any denomination that you’d like, and 100 percent of your purchase price goes onto the card; you don’t need to pay any taxes or activation fees. You also don’t need to spend money on gift wrapping - unless you want to get fancy - which means you can contribute additional funds toward the gift card that you’d normally spend on a gift bag, gift card holder, or wrapping paper.

What You Can Get with a Spa Gift Card or Salon Gift Card

One of the most unique things about gift cards to Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas is that you can preload services onto them and gift specific spa and salon treatments in Columbus, or even spa packages.

You can add these individual services to the gift card, in any combination:

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Facial
  • Peels
  • Massage
  • Tanning Treatment
  • Tint & Lash
  • Hair service
  • Add-ons for any services

Simply indicate the price of the service you’d like to purchase using our online service menu.

To give the most delightful and rejuvenating gift ever, add spa packages to the gift card. We’ve created six special spa packages to choose from that are ideal for all budgets and gift recipients. Prices start at just $115.

  • Tips to Toes, which includes an Exfoliating Plus Manicure and Exfoliating Plus Pedicure
  • Quick Renewal, which includes a Signature Facial and Relaxation Massage
  • Express Package, which includes an Express Massage, Express Facial, Express Pedicure, and a Specially Spa Manicure
  • The Classic, which includes a Signature Facial, Relaxation Massage, Health & Wellness Pedicure, Specially Spa Manicure, and a snack
  • CBD Experience, which includes a CBD Massage, CBD Pedicure, and CBD Manicure
  • Ultimate Experience, which includes a Custom Facial, Aromatherapy Massage, Ultimate Hydrating Pedicure, Ultimate Hydrating Manicure, and lunch

After your gift recipient opens their gift and sees that you’ve given them relaxation, refreshment, and beauty for their special day, they’ll be so excited to schedule their appointments for their services. (Please note that the spa services at Kenneth’s are designed for women only.)

Give the Gift of Beauty from the Best Salons in Columbus

Beauty lovers adore receiving new beauty tools, makeup, or hair products, but they’ll love getting pampered even more! And the gift of a visit to Kenneth’s is one they won’t soon forget! Plus, you’ll love that you don’t need to spend hours searching for the perfect gift.

All 11 of our locations have gift cards on-hand, ready to issue, in Arlington-Hilliard, Dublin, Grove City, Kingsdale, New Albany, Pickerington, Polaris Parkway, Powell, Westerville, Worthington, or the Academy in Columbus. Or, you can order them online.

Make 2021 the Year of the Best Gifts Ever with just a little help from Kenneth’s!

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