Using a Hydropeptide Fresh Faced Facial Kit at Home: A Selfie Story

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This is a true account of a customer’s experience purchasing and using a Hydropeptide Fresh Faced Facial Kit, which you can purchase on our website and have delivered to your home.

Although I know that the trained estheticians at Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas near Columbus, Ohio, follow a lengthy list of COVID-19 precautions, including wearing masks and face shields, sanitizing their stations, and screening clients for symptoms, my personal choice was skipping on an in-person spa facial at this time, and leaving the available appointments to those ready visit a day spa.

So, when I saw that Kenneth’s had begun selling at-home facial kits using the same Hydropeptide skin care products they use in their spas, I knew I had to try one out! It was easy to place my order online, and my kit arrived very quickly, along with a gift-worthy bag and tissue paper! Had I wanted, I could have done curbside pick-up to get my kit the same day.

I chose the Fresh Faced Facial Kit because my skin tends to be congested, but other facial kits were available online, including those to help treat fine lines and wrinkles and to hydrate dry winter skin.

Inside the Facial Kit

In my Fresh Faced Facial Kit, there were numerous skin care products, along with instructions on application so I could replicate a spa facial at home. The facial I chose is “for the young or young at heart” and designed to “clear up even the most congested skin … target blackheads and dark circles all at once for skin that looks instantly smoothed and refined.”

Inside the kit was enough product for two at-home facials, plus extra to use while traveling or throughout the week!

Steps One and Two: Cleansing and Toning

The first step of any good facial is a thorough cleansing. I dampened my hands and worked a dime-size amount of the Cleansing Gel into my face, gently rubbing in circles. I then rinsed my face in warm water; a warm, wet washcloth would be a good method of rinsing, too. After washing my face, my skin usually feels tight. This wasn’t the case with the Hydropeptide Cleansing Gel!

The next step in the at-home facial is to tone your skin using Hydraflora. The instructions on the bottle said to saturate a cotton pad and gently apply it to your skin. You could also pour a few drops into the palms of your hands and gently pat it into your skin, including your neck. I used a cotton ball.

This toner really started to convince me that this facial was going to be great! When you get a spa facial, you don’t get to see how your skin improves from step-to-step because you’re relaxing with your eyes closed. However, using this method, I could see exactly how the toner brightened my skin. My husband even commented that my skin looked more radiant after this step.

Steps Three and Four: Nose Mask and Eye Masks

I thought I might combine steps three and four and wear the nose mask and eye masks at the same time, since they both needed to stay applied for about 15 minutes. However, the eye mask would have overlapped with the nose mask,and I wanted the full benefits of both.

I opened one of the Bambusa Blackhead Banisher packages in my kit. There are three total. I peeled the mask off the plastic backing and ran it under a slow stream of water to dampen it. Then, I applied it to my face with the three points facing downward. This went on a lot like a blackhead removal mask you might get at a local drugstore, but it felt more substantial in my hands, and I could smell the essential oils and plant extracts that make it so powerful: witch hazel, japonica, and aloe barbadensis leaf, to name a few.

I was optimistic that it would really purify the skin across my nose, thanks to the charcoal powder! I relaxed for 15 minutes as the mask dried, before gently removing it (it’s not a wax strip!) and cleansing away any residue it left behind. I immediately noticed that the strip had cleared quite a few of the pores on my nose!

Next, I applied the gel eye masks, which had a refreshing cooling effect. It felt very luxurious on my face, which was a nice sensation for the next 10 to 20 minutes - I chose to leave it on for 15. I liked that the masks covered my under-eye area completely and swept up toward the “crows-feet” area, too. Eye masks I’ve purchased from the drugstore aren’t quite as long, and thus less effective at treating and nourishing my full under-eye!

When I removed the masks, they didn’t leave behind any residue, so I didn’t rinse my face in hopes to continue getting the benefit of these masks.

Step Five: Protecting My Skin

My normal skin routine includes applying an SPF daytime lotion to my face each morning, so I was thrilled that my facial kit included enough for several applications beyond my at-home spa day.

The first thing I noticed about the lotion is that it had darker spots in it - those are color-adjusting spheres. When you rub the lotion between your fingers, the spheres break up, so that when you massage it into your face, they begin matching your skin tone. How cool is that?!

The light coverage was enough that I felt like I could wear it in place of foundation on more casual days (or on all the days I work from home!). Moisturizer application was the final step of my Fresh Faced Facial - an experience that I look forward to repeating soon.

The Best Skin Care Products to Use at Home

In addition to the Fresh Faced Facial Kit, you can choose from the Wrinkle Warrior Facial Kit, Moisture Magic Facial Kit, or the Firm and Fabulous Facial Kit, all of which contain salon-quality skin care products from Hydropeptide, one of the best skin care brands. When you place your order, be sure to click “Shop & Support Your Stylist” to give your esthetician credit for your purchase.

Hydropeptide products are clinically clean and suitable for all skin types. After my experience in purchasing and using a Hydropeptide at-home facial kit from Kenneth’s, I highly recommend that everyone gives one a try for a little self-care and pampering - and you don’t even need to leave your home to do it! In fact, tell all your friends to get one, too, and enjoy a video chat together as you apply and wear your nose and eye masks.

Shop all the best skin care products online, at Kenneth’s, or purchase your products in person at one of our 11 locations across the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area. Try our new curbside pickup at our Mill Run, New Albany, Polaris, and Academy locations for those times you simply can’t wait for shipping!

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