Our Top Treatments for Heat-Damaged Hair

The Best Salons in Columbus Restore Your Hair to its Former Glory

Taking good care of your hair is a breeze when you visit Kenneth’s Salons and Day Spas in the greater Columbus, Ohio area. Our 11 locations offer a long list of the best hair treatments for heat-damaged hair that leave your locks looking and feeling healthier.

Some of our favorite treatments include Keratin, Split End Mender, and Wellaplex. Learn more about each of these before deciding which one will best suit your needs and help you look like the most beautiful version of yourself.

Keratin Treatments in Central Ohio

Keratin is a protein that helps form the structure of your hair. A healthy layer of keratin prevents hair breakage and frizz. When you style your hair frequently, especially with hot tools, or when you use chemical treatments on your hair - like coloring - you may be damaging your natural layer of keratin.

Kenneth’s Salons and Day Spas can give your keratin layer a boost with one of our keratin treatments. The Express Keratin Treatment applies a protective layer around each individual strand to make it smoother, shinier, and h2er. It also reduces the appearance of frizz and can reduce the amount of time it takes to dry after you wash it.

The express treatment lasts up to six weeks. For even longer-lasting results, our Keratin Smoothing Treatment provides all the benefits of the express version, but it lasts up to 12 weeks. Make an appointment to add strength and shine to your hair!

Get Split End Mender Treatments in New Albany, Powell, and All Other Locations

An early sign of poor hair health are split ends. Their appearance signals the start of even further damage from heat, so it’s important that you take action quickly.

Our Split End Mender treatment both repairs and prevents split-end damage by filling damaged or broken hair with a unique heat-activated protective coating. Your split ends are instantly repaired and sealed, and the rest of your hair is fortified and protected against future breakage.

Because it’s also a nourishing treatment, most people find that the condition of their ends continues to improve after each recurring treatment.

For an instant improvement in the healthy look of your hair, schedule an appointment for our Split End Mender at one of our many locations!

Wellaplex Near Me

This three-step bond repair system is ideal for use during hair coloring sessions because it reconstructions and strengthens hair while balancing the pH factor. The results? Sealed-in color that looks great for longer, and hair that tolerates chemical treatments and hot tools while sustaining less damage from daily life, too.

Wellaplex products perform two very important functions. The first is that it creates bonds in the hair during coloring services. Then, it continues to strengthen those bonds and rebalances the pH level of each hair strand.

Make an appointment for Wellaplex during your next coloring session.

Get Help Treating Damaged Hair at Kenneth’s

Although vitamins, a healthy diet, and the right hair products can help keep your hair looking beautiful, heat-damaged tresses need professional help. You can find helpful hair treatments at Kenneth’s Salons, where our skilled stylists revitalize your locks and restore your tresses, even if your hair is dry, breaking, or thinning.

Don’t give up on your hair - call Kenneth’s!

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