Tips for Finding Your Stylist Soulmate

The Best Hair Stylists in Columbus are at Kenneth’s Salons

If you’re like most people, you’re picky about who you allow to cut your hair. You likely first experienced this pickiness after one too many bad home haircuts from mom. (We all had the same short, choppy bangs, right?) So you probably take your time when looking for your stylist soulmate - the one who understands your style, works miracles on your hair, and keeps you looking your best. But if you’re still seeking yours, then our tips for finding the right stylist for you are sure to help.

Research Columbus Salons Near You

Use Google to find the Kenneth’s salon near you, or in areas where you’re fine with driving to for all your hair care needs. Then, take a look at the social media profiles of each salon so you can see their candid, real-life portfolio of work. You’ll have the most luck on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. We recommend starting with the work of Kenneth’s Salons stylists on our social media pages.

Watch for images of hair you think resembles yours in texture and thickness, and then check out which stylist was responsible for creating the cuts or colors you adore. Check out their individual social media pages, and be sure to read through any reviews or testimonials in their comments sections. You can also learn more about a stylist by asking someone face-to-face who styles their hair. If you see someone at the grocery store with incredible tresses, don’t be afraid to ask who does their hair! Most people love referring new clients to their stylists, especially if they think you think they look flawless.

Talk to Stylists at Top Salons In Your Area

You need not make an appointment and let someone cut your hair before understanding their special talents and whether they’ll do a wonderful job on your hair. That falls firmly into the category of letting just anyone near your hair - and that just won't do.

You can call Kenneth’s to book an appointment for a consultation with your most-preferred stylists. You’ll get a feel for their personality (which is important, because you’ll be spending a couple hours at a time with them) and learn more about their skills. With 11 locations around the greater Columbus area, Kenneth’s Salons’ talented stylists are numerous, and they’re all happy to meet with you.

You also can make an appointment for a simple service, such as a blow-out or deep-conditioning treatment, with a stylist you’re considering. They don’t have to wield shears to perform these treatments, but you can still ask them questions about your hair and their ideas for it. Your visit for this service allows time for you to take in the salon experience, too. What’s the overall ambiance? Do they feel like you’re an important guest, or just another face in the chair?

The most talented stylists are those who take a lifelong learning approach to their careers, never settling for “good enough,” and always seeking out additional educational opportunities to master the latest trends in hair cutting, styling, and coloring. How often is the stylist enrolling in these continuing education opportunities? This is a smart question to ask, and its answer provides so much more valuable information than the number of years they’ve been working.

Make an Appointment

Finally, it’s time for you to call the salon to schedule your first official appointment for a haircut, color, weave, extensions, or whatever service you’re seeking. Request your new stylist by name, and then uphold your end of the bargain: be on time, and be decisive about what you like - or be open to creative new looks that’ll turn heads in a good way.

Need Help Finding the Right Hair Stylist For You?

If you’re in a bind and need a whole hair refresh, but you aren’t sure who can help you,, part of Kenneth’s Salons, can! On this fun website, you will find your perfect stylist soulmate. Visit, answer ten easy questions, and then meet one or two stylists at Kenneth’s Salons in Columbus who would be a great fit for you.

The questions ask you about your hair goals, your lifestyle, and your hobbies and special interests; the algorithm then compares your answers to our lengthy list of available stylists and gives you the best match. In your results, you can read about your potential new stylists to help decide who to call to take care of your tresses.

My Hair Harmony simplifies the entire search process and condenses it down into a ten-minute activity you can do during a commercial break on TV or as you wait for your oven timer to go off.

Your stylist should make caring for your hair easy and fun. My Hair Harmony, courtesy of Kenneth’s Salons, pairs you with a stylist who can do that.

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