Salon-Quality Products That Keep Shampoo Scaries Away

Find the Best Clean Hair Care Products at Kenneth’s Salons & Day Spas in Columbus

Did you know there might be something scary lurking in your shower? It often appears in a pretty, brightly colored bottle, promising to offer smooth, silky hair…but underneath it all, there’s something you really need to know.

Yep, we’re talking about shampoo scaries. Eek!

But wait - what are shampoo scaries? They’re those harmful ingredients linked to scalp irritation, breakage, and hair loss - the last thing we expect to get from our hair care products. The fact is, our hair endures a lot of stress on a daily basis from frequent styling, heat, chemical processing, and environmental factors. The products you use to help stay fresh and clean should nurture your hair, not put it at further risk. That’s why using natural, salon-quality products is necessary to protect the quality of your precious locks.

While many products tout being sulfate- or paraben-free, the fact remains that over 80 percent of over-the-counter shampoos and conditioners contain at least one of four ingredients that can be eliminated to help protect your hair and scalp. Things like fragrances, parabens, triclosan, talc, and many more creep into beauty products, and often go unnoticed.

Luckily, we’re here to come clean on what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to selecting safe shampoo brands. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can do to find salon-quality products that keep the shampoo scaries away!

  1. Get Informed

    The most important step to take on your natural hair care products journey is getting informed. Thankfully, access to clean hair care products is easier than ever before. Did you know that the scalp is one of the most absorbent parts of the body? That’s why being well-informed is so beneficial. Imagine how many shampoo scaries your scalp could be absorbing at every wash.

    Here are four common shampoo scaries that may be lurking in your personal care products:

    • DMDM Hydantoin - This is a preservative in personal care products, also known as a “formaldehyde donor,” that releases small amounts of formaldehyde throughout its shelf life. It can cause scalp irritation and hair loss.
    • Imidazolidinyl Urea - Similar to DMDM, this is another formaldehyde-releasing preservative often used in cosmetics and personal care products. It can cause scalp irritation, such as dermatitis, and hair loss.
    • Ammonium or Sodium Laureth Sulfate - These are surfactants that help with the mixture of oil and water, which is why they are often included in shampoo. They can damage long hair and contribute to faster color fading when used frequently.
    • Sodium Chloride - Also known as table salt, this is sometimes used as a thickening agent in personal care products and can cause hair cuticle dryness, damage, split ends, and color-fading.
  2. Look at your Labels

    When was the last time you took a look at the labels of your beauty products? One of the next easiest things you can do if using an over-the-counter shampoo or conditioner is take a look at the ingredients it contains.

    Even with a quick once-over of the label, all of these chemicals that are difficult to pronounce, let alone remember, make it really difficult for the average consumer to determine what’s dangerous and what’s not. Thankfully, there are many resources and free apps on the market to help understand the ingredients by simply scanning the barcode of a product. These resources can be used for a variety of products, ranging from beauty to cleaning, and outline the ingredients included. These often assign a score based on various different factors to help users make more informed decisions.

  3. Focus on Quality

    With all kinds of unregulated buzz words flying around the beauty industry like, “green,” “nontoxic,” “sustainable,” and, “organic,” it takes a discerning consumer to find clean hair care products. Seeing these words on products can often be misleading about what’s actually inside the bottle.

    It’s true that the best salon products may come at a premium - but with good reason. For example, all of our products at Kenneth's Salons & Day Spas are designed with the finest ingredients from around the globe. That means we provide products free of sulfates, salts, glutens, phthalates, formaldehydes, and even parabens. That’s something that many over-the-counter options just can’t provide.

With these tips above, and with the help of a well-informed stylist, you can kiss the shampoo scaries goodbye! If you do happen to discover that a product you use contains at least one of the ingredients we shared above, we invite you to try one of our shampoos or conditioners that don’t contain any of these harmful ingredients. At Kenneth’s Salons & Day Spas, we have a wide range of natural hair care products and kits to nourish your mane. Check us out online, or schedule an appointment today!

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