Relax and Rejuvenate: 6 Spa Services You'll Love

Everyone deserves a spa day! Check out six services that will bring you relaxation, better mental health and more.

What can be better than a day at the spa? Everyone enjoys a day of relaxation, with time to focus on your own health and forget about everyday worries. Feeling the stress of work, children at home, just your overall schedule? Don’t forget about YOU! You need to treat yourself to some spa services that will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated in no time!

There are many benefits of a spa day including improving your physical well-being, mental health, better sleep, anti-aging, pain relief and the list goes on. Don’t put yourself last! There’s no better time than today to book a treatment (or a few) and push your worries, and maybe a few things on your to-do list aside.

Here are six spa services that will help you be your best self:

  1. Facials -

    A mixture of spa therapy and massage leaving your skin cleaner, softer, younger and transformed. Most people follow a daily skin care routine at home, but why not have an expert take the wheel and pamper you! Clear clogged pores, quench parched skin and remove dead skin cells all while receiving the benefits of massage. There is no better feeling than running your hands over your skin and feeling soft, clean and healthy.

  2. Massage -

    It’s hard to challenge the benefits of massage, especially when the definition of it is to use different kinds of physical contact to relax, revive and heal the body. There is the immediate relaxation of the massage, but it can also reduce anxiety, ease muscle tension, improve sleep quality, provide muscle and joint pain relief and even fight depression.

  3. Pedicure -

    A pedicure not only leaves your feet clean and toes freshly polished, but leaves you relaxed. There are many benefits of pedicures such as prevention of infections with the cleaning of your feet and toenails, and promotes circulation with the massaging of your feet and lower legs.

  4. Manicure -

    This beauty treatment focuses on your hands and nails, leaving you with smooth clean hands and beautifully polished nails. The look of your hands can quickly show your age and health. It’s important to take care of them, as well as your nails, and while doing this de-stress and help your mental well-being. Unwind and be spoiled!

  5. Lash and brow services -

    A spa service doesn’t necessarily have to be massage related. You can experience similar joy and relaxation from a professional beauty treatment. Lash and brow services concentrate on you putting your best face forward. Get a brow tint and lamination to highlight your brows and make them stand out or get a lash lift and tint to accentuate your eyes! Just because these aren’t your typical spa treatments, doesn’t mean they can’t provide you with the beauty boost and focus on well-being that you need.

  6. Makeup -

    Similar to lash and brow services, makeup application and tutorials can bring you relaxation and mental well-being at the spa! Let an esthetician work with you to apply your best colors for an event such as a wedding, engagement party or special work event or provide you with guidance and teach you how to apply makeup in the best way for yourself. Coming out of a service with confidence you can carry with you.

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Take advantages of spa packages

Many day spas offer spa packages that include treatments and services that complement each other and deliver refreshing and relaxing experiences. Bundle treatments together and make a day of it! Come out feeling like a new and improved you!

Kenneth's Salons & Day Spas offers six amazing spa packages, including:

Tip to Toes

Quick Renewal

Express Package

CBD Experience

The Classic

Supreme Experience

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